Energy Activation

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Energy Activation

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Energy Activation is an interdisciplinary way of utilizing one's own potential, having to do with the efficient, free, circumstance friendly and extraction, conversion, transportation, storage and use of energy, targeted towards yielding high efficiency whilst skirting side effects on beigns and the environment - dream, through self.
Energy Activation is a broad field of applied energetics, dealing with energy efficiency through dreaming, stalking, silence, inner dialogue, unbending intent, tonal and nagual and mainly by alternative ways.
Energy Activation is the most important discipline any sorcerer or warrior have to master. Energy activation combines knowledge from fields of this and other nine realms for utilizing one's self by stalking and dreaming principles with intention of freedom. Those who activate energy apply their skills to increace efficiency of potential and further develop practiques and develop totaly new or combined. The main interest of sorcerers and warriors is to find the most efficient and sustainable ways to operate within structures and attentions, improving and renovating all kinds of systems for regaining the energetical heritage bequest of infinity. This means advancing in one's progress towards power, better insulation against non-proper energies made by themselves, more efficient ways of shifting whole awareness, silencing, unlocking methods and developing knowledge of dream architecture for practical points of reference, for freedom a revolution of one's potential and destiny.

Energy efficiency is seen in two ways, first view is that the energy is destructualizing. The other perception is that the energy is supportive, whilst both have same effect and are to be used in balance, so that the energy is flowing naturaly.

For people, energy is an overwhelming need and as a scarce resource it has been an underlying cause of conflicts, wars and struggles wheter energetical or physical, on levels of individual same as on the grand scale. The gathering and use of energy, resources can be chamfering to the situations and those within,and may have extensive outcomes. Contents

Interdisciplinary fields
Energetical structures
Stalking and Dreaming
Fire - Pervasive Energy
Wind - Speed Energy
Earth - Stability Energy
Water - Fluidity Energy
Bioenergy - Organic Energy; Holographic Matter
Activation Techniques

Interdisciplinary fields
As an interdisciplinary approach to energetical facts, it is linked with many interdisciplinary fields in sundry, overlapping ways.

Physical Knowledge, for Energodynamics and dreaming.
Dreaming for energy, focusing, dream construction, dream essence, dream focusing and dream focuses.
Energetical Facts.
Structuralisation, for fluid energetical acknowledgment such as seeing, accepting holographicity, energy gathering and compression of energetical fields for maneuverability.
Knowledge for understanding energy and exploration for resources.
Research for restructuralisation and ancient ways.
Enlightening and staging sources of channeled energy.
Foreseeing for speed and pervasion of one's self.
Dreams and dreamways, for fluidity.
Stalking and memory managment for energetical impact within circumstance.
Translocation, energy-saving systems.
Stalking, enviromental studying of the effect of energy use and production of the enviroment, natural and overal "climate" change.
Energetical frequencies in Inner and Outer Dimensions, as well as energetically impacting construct, installment and
Utilisation of resources within circumstances for simple, efficient way through deletion of cyclic behavior for energetical efficiency/conservation of essence through affecting by Infinity Approach; detachmend.


Energetical structures

Energetical structures are conjointed joints, that channel energy and directly describe that energy, which entails the study of emmanations such as fibers, energetical beigns and energy transformers. Infrastructure involves states of energy and transformerative states, power lines and energetical lines. Load management and power management over networks of energy have meaningful sway on overall energy efficiency. Energetical friction is widely used and researched.



Energodynamics deals with the fundamental laws of energy conversion and is drawn from theoretical knowledge into practical use.

Stalking and Dreaming Energy

Stalking and Dreaming energy is intertwined with dream architecture and location from which energeticall observation of enviroment(circumstance) takes place. Focusing has to do with stimulus elements and dreaming procedures of all kinds, accesses and exits along with their energy efficiency, challenges and operational vantage.Recapitulation of true potential without boundaries of time aims to lessen energetical obstacles to achieve Infinity through sundry ways, stalking, dreaming and strictly recapitulative - re-remembering and forgetting methods. Transmission control over energetical flow is a field of process and dream stabilisation. Stalking deals with the design, construction and operation inside circumstances and holographical circulation of energy (reality as a fully operational dream, drawn from applied stances, attitudes and activation of unused energetical circuits through innovation and usage of new ways throughout situation. Energy conversion has to do with internal focus, thresholds, awakening, energy gathering through several planes of awareness, consciousness reprogramming and so on. All of these are used for translocation, transformation, potential enhacement and power generation.

Using over and over again same procedures create mechanical loads of which must be taken care of by disconcernly letting go by will to overcome and forget mainly by overal change within energetical circumstance by replacing mechanical loops by completely irrelevant elements towards the subject - creation formed by the specific tension of the energetical circuit that is underlyingly responsible for the situation or letting go of by usage of many other branches of sorcery, mainly Death and Warrior's Credo bringing operational freedom into one's own life in a magical and powerfull way.



Seeing is a form of acceptance of energetical facts and allows to see energy in the purest form - luminous light and allows to witness proccesses responsible for combustion of awareness within situations, the fibers that are responsible for the specific reorganisation of luminosity within the light-field of structure observed, along with the tension and density of fibers on or in specific fields and their direct effects upon the dream created by those fibers inside or on the surface of light-field structure. Seeing also resposible for the ability to even affect those circumstances, dreams and processes, anyhow.Seeing and power generation has been multi-traditionaly controversial in teachings worldvide, from the time's beginning, but the energetical structures and energy produced through fission, fusion and friction is commonly accepted energetical fact and of the only importance. Seeing is pure "bodily" acknowledgment of energetical facts


Fire energy

Pervasive fire energy draws energetical potential from viscosity of light through luminous fibers, either locally or in great distance by energetical channels directly connected to those focuses, using their power as energetical point of reference and as a direct gateway towards the intention directions, instandly piercing the circumstance by frequency and speed of light.

Fire energy effect is made by points of luminous fibers which gather energy from similiar emmanations to affect structures and fluidum in outside or inside.

Fire stalking and dreaming and power produces energy by converting presumed focus of impact of the action, by instant penetrative interaction, rushing through template


Wind Energy

Speed of wind draws energy from the position and strenght of tension of currents architectural currents of situation and energies within and is designed using aerodynamic approach towards circumstance along with knowledge taken from mechanical behavior and energetical accumulation through shift and usage of speed as an point of reference for interaction on basys of energetical movemental rules and appliying forces through momentum by focusing on "black hole"(caused by polarity), unknown gateway through which energy escapes and which irresistibly redirects attention, momental movement of energy by the speed of void, through the blank space created.

In Wind stalking and dreaming, by same.


Earth Energy

Stabilisation of energy is used everywhere, stability of energy is used for energetical activation through fixing sustainability of intended energy on which focus lies,
deepening the dreaming and stalking effects by force of unbending intent, by producing balance and stillness within circumstance or energetical situation, allowing energetical growth.

In Earth stalking and dreaming, by same.


Water Energy

Fluidum draws energy from channels, energeticaly impacting waves and tidal forces of power. Fluid stalking and dreaming is used to study and create thresholds of awareness for flow of energy, gates and acknowledgment of dream drifts and drains and manages one's own resources through maping energetical fluidum and the hollows and elevation inside it. Energy of "still" level spun by flow can power an energetical structure to produce energy or get flooded by the awareness - the energy of the flow of that certain dream assimilitates; i.e. reflection of water.
BioenergyUsing Bionergy means becoming aware of the dispositions that produce energy in holographical/biomasses created by underlying energy, that means learning the way of the world and staging sources of energy, their focuses and becoming awaken to the energetical conglomerates that affects at large all creation, through emptying or learning the "base of knowledge" on which the world is builded and sustained by it's structure, generating energy is done by both these ways of restructualisation of reality as realisation of energetical facts.


Activation, potential-enabling techniques

Awakening one's own potential and not wasting it are the main subjects of all techniques, which enable utilization of energy, sources and focus that would otherwise be inaccesible due to rigid conditioning that is beign charged by even more rigid, thinking and overal unshifting viewpoint upon the horizon of possibilites. While awakening one's own potential the world same as the self automatically stops it to matter in way it did before, and overaly the more detached, yet purposefull, allowing to extract and insert one's self into the world by a way that corresponds fully with the ever-shifting, non-comprehendable energy of the luminous emmanations.

Activating energy and ways to do so allow silence and intent to be stored, ranging from seconds to eternity, involving greater sensibility, perception and understanding of the reality as a dream. Energy can be actived by changing the stance towards the structure, conductor of energy or by unlocking latent energies, by phase-shift of attention, by attaching it to the peaks, flats or hollows of that certain awareness.
Techniques are of various, numberless kinds varying on the scale of focus of attention, need of silence or dialoque and noise, gazing, smelling, touching, using elements of worlds to attract attention into certain state, sustained by the properties of object, abandom of stimulating impulses or increase of their effects by hooking up attention. Hooking-ups is the device responsible for effects that shifts and change the awareness, by directly or indirectly sway and twist the attention into new form, that is before that very moment unknown or in state that is very different from the one before.


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