Opportunity + Will + Knowledge

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Opportunity + Will + Knowledge

Сообщение Xavier » Пн ноя 04, 2013 11:24 pm

Hi, I do not know where to post this so posted it here...
This message have value only for those that are able to believe a.k.a. know that there is always possibility and the possibility is only dependent on the will to believe, will to see (it)...
I am sorcerer, human, toltec and a member of one sorceric lineage (of new seers) which name cannot be spoken of yet.
My purpose of writing this here is that, I have a task to fullfill and that is to share the knowledge of my family. So for this reason Im writing here to this forum as I believe that there are people who are able to see this as an opportunity and will take it...
If you want my mail is open to everyone marudjin@gmail.com

The task of the new seers is to share knowledge, which will produce more and more lineages and will lead to as I call it to "Neo-Renesance" in means of living lifes as a true humans, as a beigns that are able to leap into infinity, that have no fear and boundaries and their only interest is to accumulate power by any means neccesary - that means all arts "Science,Stalking,Sports,Music,Painting,Dreaming,Martial-Arts,Living,Magic" and any other kind of "activies-knowledges" the humankind already possess and those that are still unknown, This means for me completal change of perspectives of view upon things and will as it already did before circa 500years to another Renesance, this time much bigger and its upon every living beign to decide if he wants or not and how much time it will take it before we all jump into it... In my Lineage the first thing one must understand is that Its all already dream, wheter sleeping or waking and dream can anytime change and fluctuate by any means necessary to complete its goal...
Which as of beign wanting to evo-lucionate into infinity is the Infinity...
and Infinity possibility in every moment, thats the power that is needed to pass through Eagle - the power to conceive and see our own infiniteness.

If anyone see this as opportunity my doors are open to any possibility...

"We do not need to sleep, what we only need is to dream"

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Re: Opportunity + Will + Knowledge

Сообщение Xavier » Пн ноя 11, 2013 6:50 am

There is a little fragment of my knowledge for all of you :)

Metaphors are used often because I believe everything is a metaphor and I also sometime use words or phrases that I created by myself and you will see why.

“Always on the edge of limitations and far...far of the edge of them.”

“Our life is like a razor, which if catched from the right end - can and must cut through infnity.”
“sooner or later..... I believe only in now.”

"WHAT WE DO NOT BELIEVE, CANNOT EXIST" "Only thing that can prevail the teeth of time is puerile beauty." "Time is ever expanding same as we same as infinty and universe"“We doesn't need to sleep, we only need to dream.“ “There is nothing better than getting better.“

Before you start to read there is a poem/song or a prayer that can tell you something about my personality and my goal/purpose and journey, because if I would write everything about me, it would cost you Infinite amount of time, and I dont want for the whole Infinity sit at piece of lighting rock while bashing plastic pieces with my fingers and because the Poems as Don Juan said “are scouts of infinity” by which he ment that they give you a piece of infinity in puerile and sounding beauty:

This book is dedicated to all sorcerers and mainly humans, because the Infinity gave me task to show the right path.

My life has been long and unforgiving
and mistakes has been done to me or by me
yet Im forgiving to myself and to the world
every moment I am forgeting and learning more and more
everything that I believe is right, my magic and skills will prevail
as Im already done - I dont need to fight
I only enjoy it all - that came/comes and yet has to come
My goal is only one - and that is to burn more and more by my heart,that gives me unconditioned love
that allows me to even laugh to everyone and anything I come across my journey of Infinity.
I am a scientist and sorcerer
and I am a talker and sportsman
I dont hesitate to take any action or any joy
that the world living - to me is offering
I love humans physically and energiticaly and mainly the one that is my second half - Vivien Pueríla.
My Life has a style as I am eternal actor
My Life has a beauty as I am painting towards Infinity
My Life has an elegance as I am dancing through Infinity
My Life has a courage as I am fighting un-endingly
My Life has a swiftness as I never stay at one place
My Life is growing as I am nourishing the world
My life has magic as I already know that everything is dream
here and now and only forever on and on...
That gives me courage to fight against all odds.
That gives me strenght to do anything
that I feel right about
That gives me honour to feel good and puerile
That gives me power to laugh at anything that is not enough good
so it could be said that it is good.
Joke is one of my rules
Joke always accompany me
in my journeys across the earth and beyond
Joke gives me power to laugh
and to forever by it - I extend my life.
I love all that the world gives to me
every situation, every word, every joy and even triffle.
That I call my power that I call the fire
that burns all and everything...
With my fire I nourish everything beautifull,magical and puerile that for me as for the infinity has price, and with my fire I destroy everything opposing to that unbending intent.
  Sorcerer's Manual of Dreaming and Stalking in Infinity
 Link of the Spirit Every sorcerer who wish to accomplish his goal - journey of infinity must have fierce and rigious connection with spirit, that means clear mind of any doubs and disbeliefs in the manifestation of Spirit and also in his ability, that he already is connected with the spirit. Strong, Clear, Straigh Life that induces in to the Sorcerer's Life the feeling of his own infinite power and and belief in his possibilites which already are unlimited. What same amount of people doesnt understand is that we all are already guided by the Spirit and the Spirit as the beign that governs the flow of energy in universe, wants to eat conscioussnes and is not-forgiving for mistakes, that means for mistakes we thought we done. In any means necessary we must be able to act accordingly to any situation that the Life bring to us, and for the ability to understand the sign of spirit we must live sober and strong life that allows us to act properly with the link of the spirit, which we all already possess by the fact that we have spirit and by the fact that if we would not be connected with spirit, we would not have life nor conscioussnes. So its up to us to without hesitation believe in ourselves and that our actions with world are right, because if we act rightly the spirit - the world gives us back the energy with which we acted or created in any situation, that life bring to us in every second.

 Intent of Eagle or the Universe is what drives the evolution of conscioussnes which in other words means creation of more and more or accumulation of power, which is our gift and purpose for life in live. The Intent and the ability to intent anything we already possess, If we have enough power to concieve the thought to do anything that our will or mind wants than we are able to break wall by gently pushing it, and for acquiring more power for unbending intent we must reorganize and create more dreams by every second. Same as when we want to have strong body we must trough exhaustion and pain fight for what we want until we are strong enough to what we want and same as the man that is working his body out, we must work our conscioussnes out - for the ability of believing or for lifting something we couldnt do or lift before, and this process of getting ourselves better/of acquiring power and unbending intent never ends because same as infinity is infinite we must work on ourselves by every possible way to get the most energy from every second to be able to intent anything and for the Eagle to be able that he will measure us as Infinite beigns and let us pass him, about that is life about creating and acquring more and more any means necessary and most importantly by everything that is Imaginable.

Life and Death
 Life same as Death comes and leaves, as any other creation in universe , these are two-sides of one coin same as the Dreaming and Stalking are sides of coin Intent. We in our lifes are from the moment we are born teaching about the ways of life, and also when we do something wrong and someone scream on us, we die a little it is of no matter that we get emotionaly disturbed, but what is of matter with is that we thought that we can for example „Put hand into fire“ and then someone comes, and by his point of view see that its nonsense and teach you the opposite that it is not possible, that you cant do that because it is wrong and painfull. and you create a belief in your mind a belief same as with which computers works - the 0s and 1s, that you must do this to be this, or you cant do this, because this(001-100), the whole intelligence of evolution and of life is builded upon these beliefs, we believe that someone is bad and he is by the fact of our point of view which is only the right because we all are original beigns with two eyes, and that gives us right to believe to anything we want even to that - that he is bad, because everyone have his belief system that creates by the Inner Dialogue the whole world, but by the process of acquiring power we get to know that we can put the hand into fire because our belief system becomes so much more all-embracing, that we are able to do much more,and for that the human that has been learned to not stick fingers into fire, must literally and practically kill the opinion that says otherwise, and that is the value of life and death, the possibility to change anything, to kill something so something better can be born on its place, same when someone is dying the unknown the all-embracing starts to swallow him and he for example starts to see galaxy or light-tunnel, but that is of no matter. What matters is that the death is opening his physical and energetical body to be swallowed by the all-embracing of nagual, literally and practically he looses his identity because he wasnt able to maintain his energy across the infinity because his belief system told him „It is not possible“ and our journey/goal and purpose is to able to withstand the death of physicality and to maintain our personality in the infinity. To be able to maintain our life, to acquire enough energy to be able to believe in our own will to be alive even through the fact of physical death.  Perfection
 Mona Lisa is perfect piece of art maybe the best, because of her infinite smile.
Because only the beauty has power to prevail the Teeth of Time.” but we as yet physical and mainly energetical beigns are not like piece of solid matter, our potential is infinite and that we must learn to fly across the infinity properly because we already are living in infinity. We sometimes get used to certain rutinnes or certain reactions, and they gives us certain feelings, but the feelings in our travel through time become too much solid - too much the same and sometimes even non-pleasant and that I doesnt call infinite, and because of that we must acquire a healthy Inner Dialogue that is able to talk/create different things all time and that is able to change the course of action for getting better and better feelings and opening new horizons of our sight, that is called accumulation of power. The ability to change accordingly with the dictates of Spirit, same as the evolution connects so different and wonderfull things together and same as the Universe is expanding to all sides and same as the Time is expanding right now and when I say now, its already past, and thats how we must use our Inner Dialogue, our hands, our minds and mostly imagination and creativity to create more and more wonderfull spells, stories and other beautifull things. That I call Exponencilization of Infinity alias
Accumulation of Power, and thats what make Life beautifull for me by every moment, the creation of imagination that grows by every second.

I magi (nation)
Im a G i (nation)

Sorcery What is sorcery? sometimes it is a hidden trick, like an ace from a sleeve, miracously out of nowhere.
I believe that all sorcery arts are aces in the sleeve, and that we all are already sorcerers.
In reality all we see around us can wonderfull magic, its on our decision to see it that way, and how do you thing you can learn to fly or telekinethic powers ? All of the sorcerers I meet firstly started to dream of it, in awake on ir sleeping dream, than they started to believe in to it and after some time they learned it if they have enough power to decide to believe in the possibility, because unless we are not able to believe into something it cannot happen. The Magicians on the streets that use some devices and other kind of stuff are doing magic, you can think its some trick or you can really believe into the possibility of magic - into possibility out of nowhere, look at Chriss Angel or David Copperfield or even Don Juan except that Don Juan hasnt kept it only for himself. .... they all doing the same thing - magic, and unless we start to believe in those powers, there is no way to obtain them, because what we believe exist and what doesnt isnt its that much simple that some people are not able to concieve that idea fully, but as we start to learn about our possibility, when we start to learn for example how to draw - it is only on our point of view how good we are and how much time we must give to it to learn that ability. As everyone is original, we all have our tricks, our magic whether it is our style of walking or anything other.Everyone has its unique magic that makes him magical and how much you are able to believe in your skills and how much you are able to destroy and create beliefs that make your world more beautifull is up to you. I believe that every living human is already sorcerer, because how he acts, what he thinks and what he feels his own magic, in reality there is only nagual and what bind and create our ego alias personality is the tonal which is getting new information, new belief from the nagual and binds them together to be sufficient persona.
I seen a woman that because her children was in danger was able to lift a car by just hand. that much power we possess if we able to possess it by our feelings that are behind every word in our Inner Dialogue, because the E(energy)Motion, really makes motion, but even though the people see something that isnt possible, they as beigns that are not believing in Nagual Side are not able to concieve it and the only thing they are able to do is to stare with mouth and eyes open like zombie, and when its over, they forget it because what is not possible - cannot exist, and about that is our journey about making the most wonderfull, beautifull and magical dreams we all by originality as we all have original face - already possess. We all are everyday living in Tonal and Nagual and its up to us to decide that we are strong enough and willing to let ourselves fly.
We must Trust in ourselves(Tonal) and we must in the dream that is around us and changing constantly create and obtain by Trusting and Piercing Speed of our eyes of our point of view, new and new most imaginable abilities and magic, that we already possess because what makes the difference between our point of view what creates it and destroy is just a Blink of an Eye. Tonal + Nagual and the Infinity We as beign with two sides with legs and hands, with mouth and anus, with ability to drink and urinate and most importantly with ability to give and to take life have also ability to maintain a state of Knowledge alias Know-ability and ability to maintain a state of Nothingness alias Unknow-ability and both have same value. The Tonal - Ego - Mind - Personality - Known - Inner Dialogue or any other word you want to use. The Nagual - Darkness - All-embracing element - Void - Non-Personality - Unknown - Inner Silence or any other word you want to use. The Tonal is used to sustain a personality that have certain values, beliefs and point of view in other words have a certain Look, The Nagual is used to sustain all-embracingness which allows to know/learn new things and to acquire abilities, because when you start to look into the darkness literally and practically you never know what you will see there and what jumps out of it, on the other hand you know exactly what and how it acts and on what it depends in the light of the day. Some sorcerers been overusing and overpowering their naguality because they wasnt able to keep the balance of those polarites because most of the humans are sustained in the Tonal which littery and practically was only fucked up and shitting - but about that we will speak later. The most important thing is to use both these abilities of our luminous eggs for acquiring power, in other words Flourish the good feelings from Tonal, to be able to imaginate,create and get new abilities and powers from the unknown, that means balance and that is using both of these sides for new and better possibilites and beliefs. When you listen to your Inner Dialogue, there is a silence between the words spoken and when you are in Inner Silence there is still something that moves something that doesnt let you dissolve the whole world completely, something that still wears the resemblance of ourselves a little part of our Tonal that in the death of most people can dissolved, but for the flight through the infinity we must be able to maintain our original energetic signature our “self” to be able to fly off the earth with status of immortality, and for that we must flourish our Tonal by enhacing the known facts and believes by gazing into unknown and vice versa. That is the 3rd Attention the fact that you know that you are both and you are using both for best possible accumulation of energy by every second of your life and I use both of these could be said “abilities” by every second its same as breathing in and out, same as blinking - blacking out and seeing - gazing. Both of these powers cannot exist without each other, same as every polarity we have in space, Action sustain Reaction. The Most important task for warrior is to conceive the idea that our energy our power is growing by every moment. It is like heart that by every heartbeat grows and grows.

Willbelieve and living the Myth Willing to do, willing to be... look at Lord of the Rings - that is a story about true power about true will to even through the fact that everywhere are orcs and other nasty things, they didnt let themselves to fear, they fortified their hearts by fire and fought the battle which most people would count as insane and unbelievable, but also wonderfull, and beautifull. That is what we must do and this is story of every story (except horrors, dramas and other kind of bullshit we doesnt want, unless we are this these creatures, but we are humans who wish to feel good and love.), the story about love and bound that makes the warriors to fight for their dream which on first look, looks insane and not-possible. Pirates of Carribean, Stories of Don Juan, Fifth Element, Man in Black, Lionheart, Spider-Man, The Mummy, Lone Ranger, Fearless, Peacefull Warrior and other passionate and heart-blazing stories, that teaches us that we can... We truly can! All these films have one theme one template that makes it so beautifull one template that governs all the infinity and universes. The possibility that we can go against all odds, that we must believe and give from ourselves the best, even through the exhaustion or temporally pain, because all these stories ends beautifully, excepts one which is the Infinity and our Infiniteness, we as humans as said by Don Juan “We have eternity in this moment” because nothing else than now exist, nothing else prevails it all, and noone else that we can do that fight. The Fight that same as physical fight will make you win - if you believe and give everything into it. I believe that all these stories are true and they are happening by the moment we watch them because they give us the power to be what we truly are the warriors that without doubts and disbeliefs fight for the goal and they life to be the most beautifull moment only now, and if we do this with every now we can prevail against the beak of the Eagle and say just “No” I am not gonna be eaten, I am going to prevail by the fact that I will to every second of my life give everything I have, the fire of my heart that can burn all beliefs, except one - the fact that only he, only he can persist and fire eternally and lighten up the most beautifull dreams we can imagine, and by the fact that we are already infinite we must infinitesify our will and believes every second, by all moments of this precious gift our life - that is only now. Only the infinity can prevail infinity, only the fact that we are willing, and believe in our possibility of change - in our infiniteness. That I call Magic, that for me is everything that Sorcery is about, and I feel as all of you that is is what we want, that only this is what can make us the most beautifull and wonderfull beigns. That we already are, we just most remember our fire that gets bigger and bigger by every second, same as the Time and Universe - infinitely expands.

Luminous egg
 There are certain variation of luminous eggs - their luminosity and their features, but I am going to speak of them as one, speaking for now only about their main characteristics - The Luminous egg is made of light which makes the boundaries and believes - the outer shell of if. In the luminous egg is nothing a vast space and in it or on the shell of it is one point our originality - the myself, the core of our luminosity which emanates light - information that connects all the bounds - the light-points of the shell with the that point that moves around it all and that is our true conscioussness same as we - when we talk there is silence between words and same when we are silent there is still something solid, that is our assemblage point and that point by its moves creates and destroys dreams, which we we see by our eyes its of no matter if its another dimension or it is just one thought - one point of view about certain thing. The Trick of accumulation of power is center our assemblage point - to get clear mind, and by that fact we can than move to any location or thought and emotion we want, because if we are in center we see all the things and worlds with same value and that gives us prerequiste for moving our assemblage point to any direction,possibility and believe and also gives us the necessary prerequisite for acquring power and energy harmoniously which means exponencially because if we see all the things from our true self, from the center we see them all the same and if all is same than all can be done, and by that act we exponencially accumulate power by every second in other words we are expanding exponencially with more and more speed that allows us to shift the worlds, thoughts and feelings more and more exponencially, like the heart that grows by every heartbeat. Also when we speak with the world or someone we speak our words our energy and our point of view and by the reflection the world or person makes by his words he gives energy back - we can thing that we didnt gave us energy but that is not true, because we can always get synchronized and feel that he/she or the world gave us energy its only about point of view alias location of assemblage point, and by these reflections we learn and acquire power more and more. Its like if you would build a laser into hall of mirrors, because in reality, we are speaking only with ourselves, unless we have link with spirit strong enough to see it, the intion of ourselves and intention of others and what they want and what we and how we gonna act about it is a different thing. The Luminous eggs by the fact that it has almost infinite count of “smaller lasers” which works also as mirrors and have one assemblage point which works as biggest laser and mirror, by that fact we are living in world of mirrors because we give - point our energy our fire to the samller lasers/mirrors it creates a connection which sustain any possible dream - world and reality we are now in, and our gift is that we can always move our assemblage point and that we can do by moving our point of view, by moving our will in other direction, by just having another point of view, and for that there are dreaming and stalking abilities which are in reality only one - the abilites to refine our intent for our goal of infinity, that already is. The sorceric trick to beign an infinite beign is to strenghten the core ouf our beign - to make the the assemblage core - the main laser so strong that it is able to shine on all the smaller lasers/mirrors, that is accumulation of power and by that we can - by the act of strenghtening the main laser to its limits - to all directions and possibilites of mirring and shining of the lasers/mirrors - we can and must to prevail the death strenghten the laser to the point when its shining at all the mirrors and by that we burn from inside or open the gate of infinity or any other metaphor for the one same thing. That by other word is our only task in this world is to accept our infiniteness, by which we are able to fly infinitely.To bend our intent - to move the assemblage point by our own will for any means necesarry to laugh,feel right and to acquire abilites and powers and most importantly to evolucionate exponencially by exponencial amount of energy by every second, that we are acquiring by living in infinity. the time, universe and other kind things I spoke about. It may seems that Im still speaking about one thing and that is Trusting Truth. Inevitability of Infinity.

Dialogue with/of the Wor(l)ds
We as constantly speaking beign, constantly maintaing the world, by which we are maintaing and creating more and more - accumulating the power. We must accept the fact that the world speaks with us as we speak with ourselves, because If we wouldnt speaking with ourselves the world would be dissolved instantly. The Trick is to acknowledge this fact by dreaming new and new thoughts and beliefs and by stalking our reactions on the dreams of the worlds/the others - the space before eyes. By aknowledging what is behind eyes and than changing it properly for the best possible exponenciality of our powers/abilities. The thing is to get sober enough to be able to withstand the fact that everything we do has an immidiate reaction on the world as the Action Sustain reaction and its also important to concieve any possible way of looking at things, of any possible point of view that longens our good-beign and ability to create more and more by our Imagination that is our Naturality.

The Coin which opens door to/for any world or ability
The Coin by which you can everything in the world and its still stays in your pocket and by every purchase you do, its value grows more and more exponencially.
 The Coin have two sides as any other golden coin, on one side is written Higher and on the other side is written Joke and both of these abilities of our beign must be used properly for exponencialization through infinity.
 The Side Higher - by every new thought, knowledge, belief and ability we learn we get ourselves more energy, we are bigger and better, but sometimes the knowledge has for us that much weight that we become obsessed by it as huge amount of Scientists and Old Seers = Death Defilers. The point is that when we aknowledge some new knowledge that can be of little or of huge importance, we makes ourselves solid by that new point of view, we make our energy and our e-motions stuck on the same point of view, which allows us to do something new, or that allows us to see the world differently and for natural and exponencial growth of energy alias strenghtenization of the assemblage point to be fluid and more and more lighting and swift. We must destroy the weight that we put into that belief, by destroying its personal importance that can we sometimes overhelming. Its like „So I learned this fact and its so big, that it encompases everything!.“(but the infinity nowhere and never ends) „I do this because I know how to do it, because I learned this and that gave me the power to do this.“ and its important to not attach any personal-importance to that new and wonderfull thoughts, knowledge or abilites. Sure its good to feel right about learning ourselves and getting the best from us, its even important because that how we accumulate energy, but more important is we must only feel the energy - the emotion that we received by that new ability or knowledge, by maintaing the sobriety by not giving to that fact some personal-importance alias weight that we are already Kings of the World, we must strive to get the best from ourselves all moments of life for acquring more and more, because when we in our mind repeat one sentence for forever, we will only became fucked up by that fact, we will become overhelmed by it and it will drain our energy, as the energy must flow more and more for beign more and more infinite and better and for that we have other other side of coin on which is written Joke - which is like needle that destroys the ballon we inflated by the weight/e-motion/e-nergy, because sooner or later the ballon will hit the roof of room and will have nowhere else to fly or will fly out of the earth but will get destroyed/killed by the vacuum of space, and for that is one of the best - the ability to make Joke out of everything, for example look at niggers - they make jokes out of energy and are overflowing with energy, because the joke is able to make things even and let us laugh because of that fact because in reality the whole universe and evolution is one big Joker, and the point of using this to straighten the knowledge or ability we received with other past knowledge or abilites which we learned, because the life is about having the best emotion from everything and laugh gives us power to destroy boundaries of the worlds and beliefs, by making things even, for example instead of saying „Its fucking freezing“ and having bad attittude, you can say „I love to freeze“ and act by it, or „In this winter even the penguin freeze, so I must be supercool to withstand that.“ and that makes from negativity the positivity, how much we are able to believe and willing to change our point of view is matter of our energy and mostly of our willingness, other example „Wow! I learned to fly!“ and by immensed by that mythical ability, which will sooner or later just become boring repeatition of inner dialogue you can „Well, even the monkeys had to learn how to climb trees someday.“ and by the fact that you make things even you create enough fluidity for moving your assemblage point and make even strenghtening its light, which can than shine by the same value on any other ability/mirror you want to get better or you want to learn. Its important to feel, that the accomplishing of the task of learning of flying gave you amount of energy because you believed that it will, and its important to be able to use the energy which you gave into learning yourself to fly - on any other ability that you will come across.
I am still repeating one thing to all of you and that is fluidity of energy, with which you are able to create more and more, most wonderfull dreams and by which you grow exponencially for your task/goal and only journey we have - The Journey across Infinity.
Look at joke what the joke does ? It connects two absolutely different universes/thoughts or point of view that together it makes absolutely sense of laughing ourselves up. for example „He looks at it like donkey on the brick.“ „She is so fat, that she could give give grease to every human on planet.“ „Four eyed retard“(someone who wears glasses), and that is paradox that is imagination that is creation in its diversity same the whole universe is created from polarities - two absolutely contradicting things, because paradox is the essence of evolution and even the essence of everything because If exist this thing in blue how is it possible that it can exist in red?

Normality of Craziness a.k.a Orderification of Chaosity a.k.a Chaosification of Orderity a.k.a Crazininity of Normalness
 Every human is in his heart is a puerile children, childrens are not afraid of anything and are able to act completely crazy, I also often hear that someone is crazy that he is not normal, and from the person to which this insult has been said I hear that the first person is crazy...
I believe that we all are crazy, that we all are sorcers, that we both same as we have Nagual and Tonal also have our crazy side and normal/reasonable side. The problem with the craziness is that everyone who have in 2000years history, other kind of belief was firstly dishonoured, then insulted as madman, and if he didnt stop to imaginate his own dream - his own belief he was crucified or burned like a witch and that is belief of Death Defiers, because they are defiing the death - the natural process of things by making things and energy solid and only one place and are not able to accept the fact that they must change same as all so pomperous clever-assess in the world. I call this dressage of one belief and it was done mainly by christianity(dont take me wrong - Jesus is awsome guy) and find kinda funny that from the Teaching of Un-conditioned love, came two thousands years of wars,dishounor and no love. that my friends is paradox, and that is as I sad in the text above, the ego, which at all cost try to maintain his own belief his personality, and we as humans who are traveling across infinity and want to be infnite must destroy old beliefs to forget them and even laugh to them for better and better beliefs abilites alias energy. Look at Columbus „Ha,ha,ha you are so crazy! All people know that earth is flat!“ or Galileo Galilei who as first was able to acknowledge that in reality we are rotating around sun and not the otherwise. The belief that there is only one belief that is right is completely fucked up - except the Infinity which by its infinity, becomes infinite be the fact that it allows any belief... All the great people,celebrities and other kind of geniuses were somehow crazy - they had something which made the original same as we all have original face. Michael Jackson, Einstein and others and for that it is important to know that we are crazy and in nature undefinable and non-solid beigns which can do what the fuck they want, what is only of matter is accumulation of energy by exponenciality and for that we sometimes must get crazy to be able to change our point of view completely, like changing from hip-hop music to classic music, we all if we are able to sustain our ego-reason even through the fact that we are crazy we can create the most wonderfull dream ever. We can see the world however we want, because if we know that we can change from one polarity from another we can be anything alias infinite, and its most beneficial for our energy to change our point of view/assemblage point with most possible crazy things we are able to do, the most drastic changes and action we are able to and mainly those which are on and far of the edge of our possibilites because how much energy you give in it - that much you are a beign, because then if we are able to do this even through the fact that this, we are able to do anything and we are truly living the myth.

I know that what I am speaking about here is something that is unbelievable and crazy, and I want to point out that only thing we must work on is to build a willpower a will to believe, because unless we are truly able to believe in something in has no price, and for this achievement of having stronger and stronger will, we create fluid inner dialog that allows of creation of new sentences and word, that allows the natural of flow of energy into our beign, by creating new words and mostly by doing as I call it "Crazy and Funny adventures into unknown" because if its funny - it has no ritualistic and occultic power on which was the world and the journeys of old seers builded, and for not beign obssesed by the gained power as I already wrote is the best to make fun out of everything which makes it even with other things and allows even greater adventures and for that is the craziness, if someone is crazy you never know what he is able to do and what insanity he is capable of and that I call the fluidity of inner dialog, which by its crazinness and never stoping moving that doesnt stay too much long anywhere allows to create more and more and new, which allows new and fire-hearting feelings. Because when we do something or learn something we put a certain amount of our emotional power on it, or could be said that the emotions are created by the fact of doing this supercool things, but after some time the supercool and fire-hearting emotion wears off, because emotion is only one of the abilities we possess and are not infinite by their nature of beign just a fragment of our whole luminous beign, the thing is why I am speaking about is that we must even through the fact that we think we done enough, we must strive and fight for even more and more by every act,word and second to allows to emotion to flow on the highest possible level of fire-hearteness, which than allows "Burning from inside" and its up to us to maintain that state which is often called as Third Attention by not getting stuck on the fact that we already have everything, but getting fluid by the fact that we must still do more and more, because everything that gives fire to our heart is only fragment only a construction for getting more from ourselves, because if we want to be able to fly on infiniteness we must make ourselves infinite. I also wanted to thank for the new picture of the forum, on first I thought "What a nihilistic woman!" and after watching it for some time it reminded me of what I am speaking about now, and that is to forget all that was, and by only accepting that its possible that It gave us the energy and its still means nothing, because if we want to be infinite we must do much much more than just that. What I spoke about sounds a little nihilistic because we are never able to possess all the power possible, because we must still strive to make more and more, that is the way of infinity and its goal that never and nowhere ends only fluctuate more and more.

The First Seers saw the world as something that for us so much crazy that we cant even imagine it, because they was possessing powers and capable of things, which we would call completely nonsenseful and out of any bounds. They were like fishes who let themselves grow feets and was totaly immensed by the lands the opportunity that opened before them, they were freelancers, because they age of ape-monkeys was builded upon living in caves and living in packs.
The Old Seers appeared, when the the human evolved into more social beign like from one-cell organism to many-cell organism, and they let their powers grow on fearlessness, which in that age ,when killing others was on normal day order, was completely inevitable for them, because as the humanity was living in glory and fear, in getting killed or killing. It was necessary to build such a structure of sorcerers and social groups, so they started to worship and building altars, sects and was tottaly immensed by their power - power that they can, power that they are the only one that has the power and it also lead to more and more wars because they wasnt interested of having happy relations with others or respecting opinions of others. Summarized and Underlined it was an age of Glory or Death age of the ones who fears and those who are fearless. The Slaves and the Lords.
But as everything evolves and as toltec uses the number 3 for change of course of action now come an era of New Seers and everything points to that
As you can see everywhere on the world - the whole world is getting globalized, McDonalds all over the earth, Internet which connected world together, and states and countries are forming bigger organisms a unions, because the people understood the value of fear/fearlesness which is only beneficial for animals and post-animal humans. We as any other living beigns has evolved, enough was of the world wars and of compromising of others beliefs and views on the world(like christiany with witches, like hitlers and jews and much more), we left the shackles of fear for evolucionating, because the humanity understood that the survival of one has no value in comparison to survival of many, which can be done by proper use of communication and getting the relationships between them pleasant and happy, which allows creation of more and better world for anyone, we left of the individuality the fear, for getting united by which we are able to create even faster and more, because the only thing that matters to universe of anything in it is the speed by which one is able to evolucionate, and its known fact if you look at by which speed the invetion of science and new inovative tools and technology grows - and that is exponencially. The quest which the New Seers have is to make world that without sectism and negativistic approach to someone or somethings allows better and better living and growth of the power of one same as of the whole humanity, because the only true knowledge that has value can be used on any possible action or reaction. and so I am sharing my knowledge because I call myself a New Seer a Seer that is not afraid of looking into any branch of human arts,tools or creation, because the only true energy is that which grows by every second and is capable of beign used in any ability, its like that because Bruce Lee was dancing he was able to do martial arts in an inventive way. and That is the way of New Seers - stopping of the occultism and worshiping only one worldview and instead of that starting to believe that every ability I learn or everything I do can and will give me me power, as it was said on dreamways forum - The New Seers will be celebrities, because the humanity will understand that there is really only one energy which allows exponencially exponencional growth.
also as same of the Old Seers separated themselves from the others for attaing much bigger of fly through infinity, they had must put away the obssesive practises of their kin, and started stalking which allowed them to be living in normal society without beign hunted by inquisitition (in latin america) and it allowed them to see the possibilites of the Tonal and its cappabilities of acquiring energy. Which the Old Seers forgotten of because they were too much indulged in their fearlessnes and voyages across the unknown. They were a Sorcerers of 2nd Attention
Then came a groups of New Seers and they for some time must used the practise of 1nd Attention to balance the polarities of the energies, and the overusage they made before the decision to flight to infinity, and so by balancing these capabilites of luminous eggs could be said "invented" the 3rd Attention which allows balanced flow of energy throughout the Infinity, its like that every Taoist wants to have balanced Ying and Yang
but the people of all nations on the world, forgot by the wars and other nasty stuff on the power of 2nd Attention and started to live mostly in 1st Attention, and that was neccesarry because first the humanity must had to learn about the one side of this polarities to be able to learn about the second, and then finally to be able to reach the balance. Its like that you cannot know what love means if you never experienced the hate. You must know one polarity to know the other, and this proccess of evolution, this proccess of learning came to the stage when slowly or fastly the humanity will evolve into 3rd Attention, because as castaneda said - "The Assemblage point of Earth reached the place of Reason(1st attention) and from that place it can be and it must sooner or later achieve its fluidity like the fluidity of Third Attention that is constantly jumping from 1st to 2nd to enhace the power and its growth.
So now the humans are becoming to see the value of spirituality and magic, because they left the shackles of dressage of the christianity and others. and are one begining to live spiritualy magicly and reasonably.
and we must learn from the Old Seers, but very carefully because their techniques obbsessive and ritualistic are stucking the energy on place. We must acquire the possibilites and magic they possessed by the same ways by Voyages across Infinity, but not in same state of beign as they did (fearlessness), as the humanity evolved into place where we want to smile and have fun, we must replace the fear from the unknown with our ability to have fun and our passion for discoveries and wonderfull enlightnening magic. I call it "Crazy Funny Adventures" because we humans now mostly living by 1st attention we must polarize it by beign crazy - by getting fluid and passionate and willing to take any course of action, which supports the "Funny" because the fun we all want, to be a fearless sorcerer from everyone runs is not our passion our passion is to be socially accepted and good-heartened about others, and the Fun is great tool for it as the Fun connects people and the Joke is powerful tool for it, and Joke can make from any situation Fun. I speak of this more in the text upwards.

I find funny that for example in my country when its freezing people say "Its cold like in ass!" "He stares like dredger from mouse hole." or "I must be deer because of that."(when someone really doesnt understands what the fuck.)

I can quarante 100% that if you become a joker and prankster and begin to laugh to everything a wonderfull stalker and socially accepted beign will you happen to be.
also one stalker technique for you is to everyday at least for 1 or 10minutes. Laugh like crazy and give into it your whole vocal cords, lungs and stomach muscles.
and what I can also quarante is that you will have stronger abs, an invaluable emotional state + smile on the face and every second of laugh longens the life.
If you wanna master this stalking technique, you should try to immitate and learn how to laugh from small kids

Also, why do you think that all stalkers in Don Juan party was so jovial, cheerful and joyful ? Because the mastering of stalker ability depends on how much energy you are able to make for yourself and while having contact with people. Thats the reason why Julian had to learn(because of his surplus of energy / total craziness) to weep instead of laughing... The people of that age wasnt ready for this knowledge as when some new guys came in the history and medieval with new knowledge he was killed. but the new age is now and its up to us to master the dreaming and stalking techniques to the fullest, because now noone kill physically kill for releasing some knowledge, well the people will still try to humiliate (as the shamanka tried to...), but they have to all learn these to be perfect stalkers, to be able to not take anything other do to us seriously, but on contrary happily by the fact that we laugh to it.

and second stalking technique/device is to make New Jokes or when for example in bus where everybody looks so mean and serious you can attach to them certain jokefull coments in inner dialogue which will make your day like "That guy looks like white immitation of fiftycent, "He looks so serious, that I wouldnt be suprised if his chin falls to the floor." "He walks like that" That is in other means also a dreaming ability to create a certain dream, that gives you energy, the power to use intent so willfully that it allows you to recreate your dream to your likings.

and dont forget to laugh to yourself, dont take yourself seriously, you just another funny beign.
Its also important to break the routine, to dont beign so serious about everything and to be able to act and to create Thousand and One possible reactions or solutions to any action or situation, by which you are enhacing your possibility and are beign fluid beign and actor of life, that is able to play any role. because he is not serious and takes everything as an act of beign infinite, as beign able to concieve and act by infinite possibilites
this I learned mainly from Don Julian and Don Genaro.(literally and practically)

True/Trough Love

Love is the only viable way for new seers to perceieve the world, love is the way to remain positive about sorcery and to remain positive in any other life situation.
Love is able to shatter any illusion and is able to keep us in healthy view to the world in means of having fun, doing magic and seeing the whole universe as a big joker...
This love is not normal love, this love allows sorcerer to concieve infinty, this love this will to believe in the truth in the right we have - that we already have infinite options.
This love I call "Silenced Love" or "Love of/for Infinity". and its viable to take you by such a way through the infinity that even I am wondering "how it is possible?" everyday more and more.
This love is something everyone of you felt throughout your life and you knew that it is fucking awesome!, Thats its really pleasuring to feel it.
If you ever had sex, you know what this love is, , not in means that you need more of it! that you need sex thus "Love sex" that is not true love, that is only selfish love which in truth is afraid of loss, but the Love I am speaking about is something much much more, its the feeling you feel this love is what you feel when you feel ecstatic,pleased and orgasmic, the love is hardly by words described, its in the essence the feeling or ecstasy and orgasmity in means that in that moment when you feel it, you know its so magickal, so awesome, so...so...so much good that you see in that moment the exstasy as meaning of life as a something that really energize you, as something that truly has a value for you, because what else is better that to feel orgasmicaly ecstatic ? Love that allows you to do the beign you are in that act with also to feel so good and you even want to, because when you see that the person is feeling same, you see that it is true and by that fact it gives you even more ecstasy, thats the reason why I am sharing this knowledge soo much freely, because writing this gives me the ecstasy, It is not in meaning that I am sitting here, writing these words and feeling mind-blowingly, but on the other hand yes I do!, but silently, without words and without emotion, because this love could be also spoken of as "Non-loving Love", its a love that does not highens your brain, but I more likely feel like like ultimate freedom, ultimate silence, that allows me to see an infinity, that allows me to be more and more infinite, It is not love in means of loving and feeling always kind (sometimes harsh sex, is really amazing ). It in its essence is Love and the more I write and think about it, because by the fact that I am feeling it right now, and by the fact it is deeper and deeper feeling, it could be also said that this love is in nature "Unavoidable Longing" in means that when you feel it you want more and more .... pieces of infinity. Everyone of you felt this love sometimes, when you win 100 000dollars in lottery, or when someone said you a simple word "I love you" or when you felt like a king of world, when you felt that everything is possible, a love that allows you to see the world as symbiotic beign that truly wants your good. It is also more properly said that this of is more felt like a "Will" like a will to do something, like a Will to Fight through anything, a Will to make yourself be heard - alive in infinity. This loves is getting stronger and stronger by every moment, yet it still feels the same, because the Infinity is still Infinity.

Central Core = Heart of the Sorcery, Heart of Dreams

There is one point a central core, in middle of ourselves, on the middle line of our body, also the luminous has at  right in the middle of it, This core, as it is in the center of our luminous egg reflects all the dreams, everything that we see, wheter in our mind, in our third eye, by our physical eyes or just as an though a feeling or anything, all that we have is perpetuated by this core as it is the central core of our beign, its where our true self lingers, its your originality..
This core by the fact that there the luminous egg is made from a points which are similiar to this one - these are the shell of luminous egg, but in the middle there is one which by its position allows us to see any dream any point of light on the shell because the shell by the luminosity our luminous essence produces are conected by the light to the core. This point is the brightest and it is the only true power that we have, the power itself is the core, because the more it shines, the more we are viable to dream, the more we are able to see and belief into anything, and as we accumulate power it shines more and more which in the end results in total and completal burning from within, resulting of giving up the physical form, for having only energetical as that allows much more journeying across infinity.
It is crucial for sorcerer to in any action and reaction in any words in anything he imagine, speak or act outside of himself into the world and in any action and reaction in any words in any picture, image, a seeing, words or acts the world do to him. We must be able to still feel our core, to still know that we are... That we still have power to do anything and that however we act, whatever we believe in, whatever he see is the shining of the central core, and that it is only done via this core, If we truly are acting in our core, then every situation we act or react to, or the world to us, than we feel that we are energizing ourselves, that we are gaining energy, that we are accumulating the power, that we are doing things right...
The core sustains all your dreams... what matters is the intent as the central core of ourselves and of whole infinity is the Intent itself

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