Anthropomorphic creatures

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Sniffers - characters of dreams, who affecting on the Dreamer adversely (insert shit in your mouth, ears, nose, strangle, use violence); subprogram of consciousness, which ensure the functioning of the various boards of perception.
(There may be a more detailed description with examples and personal experiences.)
Guardians - lighthouses, which left in those places where we lost the first part of the luminosity of consciousness. As a rule, they have a terrible frightening appearance. Some kind of personification of "your barriers of perception". When Dreamer passes them, he returns a portion of the losted luminosity. (You can add more details and indicate the most probable locations where the guards could be located.)

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Do these guardians take the shape/form of black dogs in dreams?
In many of my dreams I have had big black dogs, recently though was the first time one of them attacked me in the dream. In this particular dream when I was being attacked I held out my right hand and willed a sword into it. I could not see the sword, but I was about to strike out at the big black dog but its lunge knocked my weapon out of that hand. It was almost upon me, when I did a similar thing in my left hand, since I was holding that hand outward towards my other side in the air. I willed into my left hand a Dagger, that had a semi long blade on it. Again, I did not see the knife, but I acted as if it was there and I plunged with all my might the dagger straight into the big black dogs open mouth.... The big black dog mysteriously vanshed into the air.


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