On Earth

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On Earth

Сообщение Xavier » Сб мар 29, 2014 12:50 am

"We are standing every moment on it and wheter we accept it or not, it always was, is and will be.
As an direct effect of this wellknown fact, it cannot be erased, only transformed, not inside nor outside, but between.

It is as if we never were ment to be anything else, than the direct manifestation of it's effects.
Which made us to be ourselves, through itself, yet much more, than we or it could ever fantasire.

Beign there is always same, indifferent from what will be, but somewhere else in ourselves is impossible without idea, of beign free - out of here.
That means, that we never were what thought or wanted, because outherwise it would not be such a journey.
As what we meet, is indescribably infinite in the way it is shown to us and how we relate to it.

Naturaly we understand connectivity and connectedness, but never as totaly predispositioned towards all that exist.
We may think, that within ourselves is the power, heart and all that we ever need, but it should never be.
Not because our abstract, yet real needs nor our will to be, anyhow.
Simply because we feel like nothing will ever be ours, yet we endlessly are, against stakes what we know and does not.
We always feel anyhow and all manifests in it and through it in all that is.

Muse is the essence of our wish to dream, bonding that allows it, like the lymph of a tree.

Earth is just another dream of dreams of indefinite number and viscosity, yet still fully real same like any other dream, single thought or feel.
Earth is unbelievably real, but still we do not believe to everything we see or hear as we do not need to.
Like our heart, we posess it inside ourselves, but see it out there.

Tranquility is quality of that, which is real, dream about which, through ourselves we can say it is here, like luck." - Ysera Lesnívatz
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