Evil Sorcery, Fire and Muse!

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Evil Sorcery, Fire and Muse!

Сообщение Xavier » Чт мар 13, 2014 9:31 pm

Hello, there are some question and poem my friend sent my from sorcerrory web www.sorcery.yuku.com (if this site does not support external links, please just delete the link, I do not intend to do any advertiresement because of bad reasons, thank you... I have to insist that you have to be very open minded and full hearted, because he - my friend does know nothing of sorcery way, and path of the warrior, so his objections towards subject of traditions are fully objective from outside perspective, from any lineages and such things.
Thank you very much, Im always glad to learn a bit, and even more when I get so much from knowledgefull people, that has knowledge beyond my current soul level of energy, even in few words, as they sometimes say even more.
So, what I understood is that ego and egoish people in general are pointin out with words and are resposible for evil or is it an half-part of silence, to what you would reffer propably as infinity ?
I cant understand term "pure evil" like it is pure of intent, or that its intent is so pure, that only will can comprehend it, or just that the pure evil is so baddisly bad that we cannot live without it and if so in what connection the will and reason really is towards it, isnt it like that one supporting the other ?
Some way to transcend our abilities or life in means of seconds, same as on the mortality and time scape ?
I mean good in evil and vice versa, but I cannot think of anything that could be called impure good.
Self-importance is some way of transporting energy inside your beign, so why it is bad ?
Those most vile and evil sorcerers use secret as evil or are you referring to the Voo Doo, zombies and dolls?
If I give my life to evil I will gain power beyond comprehension and will be forever young, immortal,
if that is truth it sounds like a good deal, but does not bring some sort of a contradiction ? I mean like a deal with the devil, that I would have to become vampire sucking the threads of universe, all the colors or is there some less evil way, because on one hand immortality and power beyond my comprehension is what I want, but sucking all the IBs, people and energies of world at whole, would make me feel like misfit of life, mainly because I would not give anything to mother Gaia and all that is World.
I hope I dont bother you with my questions, I am just from my youth very courious, wishing to understand beauty and passion and my place in it, as eternal dance of two lovers, me and my loving gaia and the magic between, that is in my simple theory responsible for all my perception giving me all inspiration and aspiration... It is very interesting how you warriors have it solved and what you undertake, because I always thought about Spirit only as a Muse, something sacred I would never ever wanted to get past, cross or affect for any of my intentions, only listening, beign a virtue and vigorous keeper of it.
Do I have a chance to remain my conscioussness even though I wont fight to get on final journey ? I just wanna have a nice life on earth and dont care what comes after it, do you think if I wont go by tradition, to get past and burn within, and rather serve her as a knight to a lady do you think the Spirit will let me through ?

This is my painting I made by inspiration from Daniel Densborn, an excellent painter...


World burns me as mystery;Inside sun

I made a short poem, as through your words I maybe heard all that it ment, I hope I understood well

My mind creates and world devours my ideas and love,
my will, impulse holds me in the misery and joy as I see my eyes looking through.
My eyes burn as hell, in agony, ruptures my dreams,
I cry, but all tears, even the biggest one,
are instantly vaporized by her sane, dreadful charm and glamor,
her presence blinds me...

Her piercing eyes like flames,
make me bleed, my essence,
her heart, melting me like magma,
coal and wood black in middle of her.

On the surface her feelings are cold,
and my heart forever falls through her selfish gift of life to me,
through convulsive agony,
eternal endless depth.

Plucking and fencing with my arms,
In vertigo my body trembles as I fall,
swifter and more stranger from my homeland
no end comes.

Takes my all my stakes and possibilites of ever touching soft land, fully away.
Devouring me by eternal turmoil and pain,
rushing through fall to an end,
but the speed relentlessly, heartlessly grows
and I am decomposed on quarks, incinerated,
in her utmost treachery and wickedness.

Ash by wind blown away, never found again,
my spirit never finds peace and roams forever the earth,
unearthly phantom I am.
Hope you enjoy-ed, I will appreciate any comments, subjections or anything :friends:

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Re: Evil Sorcery, Fire and Muse!

Сообщение Xavier » Чт мар 13, 2014 9:37 pm

I will be very grateful for answers to my friends question, here.


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