Truth,lies and act of trust;Dreamhacking

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Truth,lies and act of trust;Dreamhacking

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Full Definition of TRUTH
1- archaic : fidelity, constancy b : sincerity in action, character, and utterance
2: the state of being the case : fact (2) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality (3) often capitalized : a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality b : a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true c : the body of true statements and propositions
3: the property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality b chiefly British : true
2: fidelity to an original or to a standard
4: capitalized Christian Science : god— in and truth: in accordance with fact : actually

Origin of TRUTH Middle English trewthe, from Old English trēowth fidelity; akin to Old English trēowe faithful — more at true

Usage Discussion of word lay — li·er noun— lie low 1: to lie prostrate, defeated, or disgraced 2: to stay in hiding : strive to avoid notice 3: to bide one's time : remain secretly ready for action

TRUTH In philosophy, the property of statements, thoughts, or propositions that are said, in ordinary discourse, to agree with the facts or to state what is the case. At least four major types of truth theory have been proposed: correspondence theories (see realism), coherence theories (see coherentism, idealism), pragmatic theories (see pragmatism), and deflationary theories. The latter group encompasses a wide variety of views, including the redundancy theory, the disquotation theory, and the prosentential theory.

Truth is the worst program humanity ever agreed to use, not because it enlightens but because of the undeniable self/importance that inseparably comes within it's effect.
When we question the truth, the doors for hundred of them opens as it was done throughout the history countlessly.
People strive for truth and believes in it, because fear of unknown and of symbolical death is much more bearable when one is able to walk steep pathway leading on the top of the endless mountain, relying on a wooden staff - easing the ardous effort, but diminishing the possibility of one's freedom to move freely in whatever condition.
There is no truth that would be definitive and belief in opposite is just an wish for the final rest, where one could be simply without effort.

Everything requires our effort,
if that is unnoticable and normal - effortless, attention is lying on wrong side of the awareness thing;play of subconscious and conscious flows on which awareness moves and the confusing;enchanting games we play onto ourselves inside the meaning we give to these currents.
In every societal, scientological, spiritual or governmental system = a conglomerate of laws in which truth is undisputable and works as a point of reference* on which the world around is builded;imported from and then concieved as important in means of basic function of that truth and it's effects.

Learning, accepting - getting to know to the truth makes us to see -something-, what the truth unfolds - says, but negates other options,conclusively.

Truth no matter how good it may seem, is the biggest evil humanity ever had, not because of it's effect nor value, but because it is the most simple and visible way of obsession.
In every group of beliefs = laws of proper interaction, obsession is present as result of need for posession,
created by the fear of innevitability of everything and disbelief in unlimited force which created it all in the first place - freedom;a free will of creation.
Every faith or any other sort of accepted beliefs - rules of mechanisms is double-edged as it says what is right and also what is bad, but path of freedom - sorceric and warrior's way is beyond that need to validate and finish;end the move of awareness in any kind of way except pointless death, a non-productive abuse of resources and substance of individual heirs access to ever-expanding calibration of the actual configuration towards freedom.

From the first dawn the obsession - an act of perpetual posession was and to this age, tries to serve as that staff to support the foundation of the doings of that particular specimen, groups and specific rails of awareness through which we on by emotions, reason and will move move. No matter the alleged and predetermined efficiency of specific attitudes and procedures considered by those beliefs - laws - truths, it is still an Act of Worship which put humanity as a whole same as individuals by centuries and everyday life into solidified, strictly structured fields of awareness and its overal position towards circumstances.
Worshiping is the basic function of tonal, thus natural, but what truly endangers the growth is importance;stance you hold toward the truth and the fact of innevitability of change.
This does not mean that total detachment and disconcern is right, but that on deeper level it all has to be taken gently but accurately,
in means of a Warrior's Creed which builds the attitudes towards circumstances in all directions of development of energetical;E-Motional use which always has to be motivational as that is the basic motive of any interaction we do consciously or not, it still traverse the awareness somewhere and there is big difference between hanging on emotions and fully using them without attachment.

Hanging on emotions means impossibility of changing them, like hanging on the l'edge and having a real problem - no where else to catch.
Using them without attachment means you give a fuck and simply use them as a tools, which works bestly with abstract;higher intent, having always possibility.

"Silence is emotion."

Tonal is almost w,holy based on transmission of energy between known;truth.
Every piece of this inventory of beliefs holds connections, they are hooks of awareness, same as totaly completele worlds in means of meaning having - constructed fields of chaining reactions;bonded elements by will, which creates contracting;condensing and expanding;extracting force, while reason says;fits those elements of inventory into action;applies their meaning location in the honeymaze - hive of dreams;luminous secret of human beigns. Tonal is based on truth, the meaning of the places;things;thoughts/images which are focuses on which attention is holded, to unchain those and force awareness to utilize them as unknown, the meaning and attitude has to be fluid, sort of a lying, if we are conscioussly works on the premise of everchanging nature of the Force and it's ability to shift anyhow as that is what Infinite means.

Questioning or a Shift inside Tonal is process of accessing the unknown as that is the basic pattern of it - "Do I know or Do I know how this works/moves/interacts ?" and the element of wonder which is energeticaly invoking emotions, however the objects, words on which the awareness is pushed onto by the move are from domain of Tonal. The fact that it supress and surpass tonal is caused by the naturality of human awareness which on the premotive level interacts;dreams via Third Attention which fluctuates inside both these spheres harmonicaly which harshly means beign "Death but Alive", "Not Needing,yet Gaining", "Gaining without Giving" or "Dreaming without Question".


Definition of LIE intransitive verb
1: to make an untrue statement with ]intent to deceive
2: to create a false or misleading impressiontransitive verb: to bring about by telling lies

Origin of LIE Middle English, from Old English lēogan; akin to Old High German liogan to lie, Old Church Slavic lŭgatiFirst Known Use: before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of LIE
lie, prevaricate, equivocate, palter, fib mean to tell an untruth. lie is the blunt term, imputing dishonesty . prevaricate softens the bluntness of lie by implying quibbling or confusing the issue . equivocate implies using words having more than one sense so as to seem to say one thing but intend another . palter implies making unreliable statements of fact or intention or insincere promises . fib applies to a telling of a trivial untruth .

"The end justifies the means."

Lying on the other hand works directly from the void, as it directly and fluidly arrange the known, bluntly said changes whole dream, because lying is simply act of disproving proved or accepted whatevers. Lying is a kind of a tricking investment of energy that dislocates established meaning;world, a joint of the dream structure. One can believe in truth, but truth through the path subtly but irrevirsibly changes the overal landscape of perception. The way in which we perceive, receive and penetrate throughout out the circumstances. This means that the truth abstractly over-time does not exist as something viable throughout the whole journey of life, but as the point of reference, which irreversibily is going to change someday, depending on the moment in which the attention reaches certain threshold of conjoinment of reality and as a natural shift that occurs via accessing unknown.

Simplest way to change the current dream of awareness is to lie out from it, simply giving a fuck and thus reorganizing the whole structure made before, burning it down by the intent of silence and stubborness towards that dream currens, part of reality in the attitude of unwilligness to believe that it is truth. Another way is Equivocation which parameters are by their nature of non-certain, thus shifty and abstract nature.
Equivocation aproach towards the elements and underlying patterns of current reality - dream unlocks the fields of possibilities that are already included inside the configurational ability of Equivocation to lay out the meaning anyhow;in an unknown metaphysicaly quant way, wheter in inner processess or outerly realized - dreamt ones.

"Spirit often called d'Great Trickstah."

Unknown in its nature is simply said lie in meaning of whoknows who knows what that means, and in essence totality of tonal and totaly solidified structure, except Infinity which does not by it's natural essence does not neglects it, is absolute nonsense as everyshifting meaning and dream, fluidity is the essence of Freedom, same as Dreaming is commonly imagined as shifty and with unreal-foggy properties.

"Equivocation is Equinox of possibilities."

Nagual is almost w,holy based on transmission of energy between unknown;"lies" - ephemereal substances that are very real, yet by their nature unlikely almost impossible to be fully solidified and structuralized in the construction of the dreams, wheter we are thinking or livin through them, these elements are mainly accessed through trigger or rush of emotions like fear, laughing, awe and wonder, unknown the mysterious obscuring, shady element, from which was foundation of any tonal raised, not because unknown over-time in it's effect forces it, but because of the cause of evolution of awareness that made us as a self-established conglomerate which within one of its many functions need;seek a place from which can moved further, or where can the awareness rest and stop in it's shiftiness;i.e. looking for the truth, on the scale of perceiving, but if Freedom is still the goal, than this is total nonsense and demagougery, because leaving unknown or tonal is simply nonsense, when we are working on the premise of energetical nature of beigns as naturaly known and unknown.

The thing is that tonal created;inflated like baloon by the pressure of outer world, but only by itself, mainly in childhood or when we are childrens. This means that for anyone going for freedom tonal itself is just rigid, solid same old thing, which is by the proccess of getting of the edge of it;going to the d'essenza, which made us in the first place, even before the tonal or nagual started to form inside our realm-making, world fluctuating structure and this happens not just on the brink of born physical, but by every-second over and over again as we are living and dying - 50/50, 99/1, 1/99 or any other combination of those two powers that are every second swaying and influencing our attention and perception both, but each in different way, it you take your awareness or however you call that everything you perceive subconscioussly or not as an second by second act of blinking, blackness of infinite potential and world of definite prescription, which definity is based on will by constricting and thrusting movement and simply, but not accurately said intention of trajectory and on reason which places and displaces concrete images,thoughts and other forms of energy in terms of having some kind of a point of reference of usage and meaning of those patternical elements.

"What is there behind tonal and nagual side of things ?"

There is very slight, but through that even more influent border between worshiping and trusting.

Act of trust is the most intimate and direct connection we have with the Known and Unknown, directly accessing Spirit;a conjuction elements of the dream with the basic gravitional force of awareness. Act of trust is the most sacred level of our energy and mainly the handling of it on the sublest form of our own originality.
On physical and electromagnetical plane this force is gravitional. On emotional and mind-creating it's intensity and the reaction triggered by whatever cause.

Act of Trust or Worship is a link to a Spirit and the cause of applied forces of the behavioral, directional;guiding forces.

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