Penumbra task - the box


Penumbra task - the box

Сообщение DarkLight » Ср мар 24, 2010 2:33 pm

Please could you let me know what was the task that came before the penumbra task? The penumbra task mentions a box that is located in bedroom, where you are meant to store the luminosity obtained in the penumbra task. It says this box was put in place in previous task. Which task was that?

All tasks before the Penumbra task have been translated. Probably, the box detail was just missed. The box had to be placed somewhere in your sleeping room with an object inside of it (advised: crystal, ball, stone or something very important but small enough to put in a box). All what was told about it is to just keep it in the same and safe place in your room and check it time after time. The use of the box is to put luminosity into it (after returning it and tearing the dream matter) appearing in your room. This way you connect waking and dream realities through the box. But almost nobody I know here has managed to do the task exactly so.
So, shortly, the task was to "put the box" and remember about it.

Thanks for explaining more to me about the box. I now have one in my room. Do you know what is meant to happen to the luminosity once it is inside the box? Is it just stored there? Or when you check inside it, do you absorb the luminosity? Or is it that its only purpose is to connect dream and physical realities?
Also, when you said:
"So, shortly, the task was to "put the box" and remember about it."
What did you mean? How exactly has the task with the box changed?
Thanks very much for your help

The box is for connecting 2 realities. It's working with discipline as well.
The box is the place for keeping returned core of luminosity. It's something what easily can get lost, and something fixed and real as an object in a box could "fool your mind" and help to keep it.
The box is something to remember to return to the room as soon as you have the core. It'll be in your memory, so it'll bring you to the room you sleep.
Some people said their crystals changed but I think it's perception. It changes. What we need from the box is to make a safe in dream and it has its analogy in reality
As it's been translated the core of luminosity is the Core. It's your power and dream memory. It's not just luminosity. It'll enable you to remember many more PA shifts in the future. Many of our experiences are forgotten, lost. The Core will keep it in our mind.
You don't need to absorb it in reality, once you fulfil the task in dream.
That's all I mean with "So, shortly, the task was to "put the box" and remember about it."

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Re: Penumbra task - the box

Сообщение TemporarilyI'mEarth » Сб мар 19, 2011 1:36 pm


what about someone who avoids sleeping always in the same room?
(they tell this story about the Sultan's mum at the museum that used to be turkish royal palace - that she slept in another room each night, to avoid assasins)
i'm charlila
eternally fluid
temporarily blocked
explosively pissed!

- well,
- they will
all is so temporary now


Re: Penumbra task - the box

Сообщение D.K.Meron » Чт май 05, 2011 9:31 am

TemporarilyI'mEarth, DarkLight doesn't visit the site anymore.
The main idea is that you have to clearly remember the room where you have left the box. You will be short of time and you should act rapidly. Maybe for this exercise it's better to choose just one room or pretend that you are in the same room.

You are welcome to ask any questions!


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