Inaugural Sin;Totality = Dream

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Inaugural Sin;Totality = Dream

Сообщение Xavier » 03 июл 2014, 06:15:08

"Is to take some-one/thing's else potential."


The point is taking full inner sovereignity, responsibility for self, with all it's variables = world that inseparably come with it,
meaning that you only create, not take nor place and understanding that all I dare to witness is very personal and ephemeral and balancing it with what is not, what is eternal, the only thing worth of remembrance.

Our world cannot exist without us, for the whole potential seen, is yours, because without you there is no I, there is nothing to be witnessed at all.
And whatever that may be, choose your words carefully, so that only light, in the image may be seen.

The whole human civilization along with the ancient seers is builded upon "Claim it for yourself" and look what it got into after just few thousand years.
Yes, we are human, peak of the animal realm and that give us single option either "Be the End" or "Be the beggining", underlyingly that is factor we follow, somewhere deep... in the potential.


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