Translated Reports About The Sticky Glance Practice


Re: Translated Reports About The Sticky Glance Practice

Сообщение charlila » Вт сен 14, 2010 9:44 am

Georg писал(а): I think that here is so much pathos…
This task ... allows you to more possibilities. ... It doesn’t for greedy and selfish people, who think only about profit :evil: I think that this task giving more than just ability to easy manipulation. You will see yourself more cleanly than before it.
more cleanly? don't know. enlarge your posibilities? sure - but what about the person to whom you do it?

ok, you wan't make him give you his wallet as well - but ...
imagin you do it phisically instead - just cacth someone and turn his head back by force?
sure, most times it makes no difference, which way someone's head goes on a certain moment - all is so arbitrarry!

but once you take the liberty to rule others...
hell becomes your limit!

most cases, you will end-up in sibir or the like; but what if you win? what if you mannage to hold back and the only damage is - the filtrating of this code as legitimate?
[edited by me 1 time to correct elimination of code that mde "quote" look like non-quote]


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