Removing implants

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Re: Removing implants

Сообщение Saso » Вт окт 18, 2011 1:13 pm

ioneks писал(а):Hello, Saso.

It's nice to see, that you're taking your practice seriously. It's a huge amount of work to process 1000 pages of dreams into 200 pages of locations' descriptions. It's inspiring to see such effort.
Hey, ionex,

Thanks for the encouraging words. :) It did require quite some time and work and I must admit that I was kind of disappointed to find out that it was actually a lot of "content" (i.e. continuous story, a lot of details etc.) and very little depth. :oops: Anyhow, I think that when I will manage to join similar descriptions together, I should get most of archetypical locations.
ioneks писал(а):I don't know where's Anibus, but I think he is OK. Maybe he left the board because he was offended by someone. Maybe he is busy with some dreamhackers' business. I hope he will return some day.
I see. Thank you for the explanation. :)



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