The Pyramid and Leaf Task (the forth task)

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The Pyramid and Leaf Task (the forth task)

Сообщение Ligth[archive] » Пн окт 12, 2009 5:24 pm

Well. this is a real Forth task.

The fourth stage involves two tasks - the main and secondary.

1. We have to get from South East corner of the dream world to the middle of western border of accessible field of dreams. So: find a hostel (who has it) and move from it to the north. Or find the western part of zone of disasters and move farther to the west. Many of you may recall Mayan pyramid, as in the \"Serious Sam\" game. It\'s a pyramid, the sides of which are like two inclined ramp - from the ground up to it top. People often hang out in dreams at yard near pyramid. You need to climb the stairs to the top and go through a narrow corridor to get to the back side of the pyramid. Along the way you will meet Wounder. People see it as a giant with a bloody knife. He projects a terrifying cloud of fear. You may simply derive from sleep with strong feelings of horror. I.e. you will encounter another barrier, which is somehow manifested in real life. Go through this corridor. It is useless to fight Wounder. Try to make him your ally. I think five days is enough for you.

2. It is autumn, leaf fall. Try to repeat Don Juan\'s trick with falling leaves. Find a location near the tree, trace a falling leaf, and then by the power of thought return it back and make it fall again. Imagine that you quickly returned leaf back, so it fells again in the same place. In the dream, remember about this exercise. Call a tree in front of you or pronounce the words of power. Repeat this experiment in dreaming.


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