Luminosity Return & Dream Remembering (the third task)

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Luminosity Return & Dream Remembering (the third task)

Сообщение molchun[archive] » Вт сен 22, 2009 2:43 pm

Now we are faced with an analog of Maat and see what we’re worth. This task we would devide into two or three stages. At first I would like to show you how to set the dream for a certain locations. The target of this task is as follows:
1. Find the south-eastern terminus of the railway. The feature of this terminus is that the railroads there remind you the uppe part of 8, like a loop. Another interesting thing is that the railroads are located on the high trestle. If you have never seen this station in the dream, find a maze of gardens and move to the east – to the ring station.
2. Somewhere near this station, look for two large areas, separated by a metal fence. On this areas there are always some unrest, disturbances – war, rebellion, strike. Maybe someone will see this place as the yard of his school.
3. Near these areas you will see high building (palace, temple, museum). It is our goal. The guardian is waiting for you there. Find his treasury. In dream you will know exactly where to look for it. Deceive the guardian and get into the treasury. If you would pass this quest, you will return some part of luminosity which you have lost. This extra power you need to meet with Maat. Without her (without this power) you shouldn’t even approach to Maat.
If you wouldn’t pass this task, do not worry. You saw cycling. There is the “Pilaton”. There are 5-7 racing cyclists ahead and the tail of lagging behind. And the bulk of racing cyclists is in the pilatone. We will go the same. Couriers and experienced dreamers will get ahead. Peaple who will be late and who will try to get ahead will work with the last tasks. But the bulk will enter to the pilaton. Couriers (scouts) take us to the right place. But I still advise you to push yourselves and jump above the rainbow.

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Сообщение molchun[archive] » Вт сен 22, 2009 2:44 pm

A lot of our friends have the problem – they can’t remember their dreams.

Let’s suspend the third task and will clean our inner space.
Many of us fainted during our life – in the moments such as extreme pain, hangover, drugs, high temperature, heatstroke and e.t.c … These periods of voids filled our inner space (RAM), by unnecessary junk – the fog of consciousness. Someone has a lot of such fog, someone has a little. I think it would be useful for everyone.
What you have to do:

1. Sit down (lie down) in a comfortable position. Close the eyes, calms down, contemplate what you will see before mind’s eye for five minutes.

2. Start breathing and inhale the darkness inside of you, which filling the inner interface. If there are some images, then inhale and exhale them (images) too. We take the images and darkness into the lungs and remove them from the inner space and the system of consciousness.

3. Continue the process of inhaling the darkness and exhaling it from yourself until you will see meshwork before eyes – it’s like a wall with a monotonic pattern. If you can see the basic motif of a pattern – the main element of it, remember it and draw it somewhere. This is your yantra. Your personal symbol. Sometimes it will appear in the real world, pointing you to a significant moment or element of reality.

4. Do this for 3 days. Then we will return to the third task of the ”FIRST HOUR OF OUR TRIP”.

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Сообщение J.R.Tomlin[archive] » Сб сен 26, 2009 2:59 pm

I have been practicing this meditation several times a day over the last three days. I enjoy doing it as it seems to emphasise the focus given to the dark \'screen\'(darkness behind closed eyes). I have been seeing the same phenomena I have noticed before when studying the screen. The area starts to rotate. I have noticed that when drifting off into the imagery and sleepiness that it rotates anti-clockwise, and that when coming round into normal awake consciousness it starts to rotate clockwise. Also I notice a hole opens up with dream imagery beyond it/inside it. I noticed two different symbols that appeared in the darkenss that I have seen before, and wonder if one of those might be this yantra that Ravenna talks about.
I presume we are going to embark on the third task very soon now?

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Сообщение 64dreamer[archive] » Пн сен 28, 2009 7:31 am

opps sorry that last post was ME. I dreamed I logged in...laughs.

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Сообщение Field9[archive] » Пн сен 28, 2009 11:15 pm

While practicing this cleansing of the inner space, my focus on the screen ahead of me came more rapidly, or ar least this appeared to be what was happening as I started. This fluctuates. That might have had something to do with the inhalation\\\'s of the darkness and the expulsions. There were many colors darting in and out in the ranges of whites, blues and violets and sometimes they would go diagonally across the screen and at other times I\\\'ve had them rotate mostly clockwise. For the most part the screen in the background has appeared to be dark but when I continue to look and gaze at it i\'ve seen a foggish light gray with a design layed upon it that looks hazy in the background. Almost indistinguishable but it has a pattern to it.
I didn\\\'t know what the light gray design reminded me of until I began typing my report today about it, now I know what it was... It will be easy to remember. but I will also draw it.
In regards to the third task itself.
I was first shown a river that flows towards two mountainous peaks one is on the left of the river the other is on the right and in between them is a symbol. The symbol is a letter. Which I will also draw and save with the yantra.
Consciousness flowing as the river towards the balances (Maat)...
I hear on occasion musical tones and sounds while I dream. I\\\'m beginning to decipher what key(s) are sounded... I did hear a low encompassing sound which was meant to be a way for accessing the next level. I believe this to be in association with Wep-Wawet opener of the way, little is known beyond his role.
I\\\'ve seen the stadium or maybe its more like a coliseum and also the airport been several times in dreaming on the escalators there. The school is also a familar place that i\\\'ve been as well as the high buildings. I do not recall the treasury/museum. Since I have not been there yet at this time of the task I will keep working at going the extra mile to get to these places there and to the discoveries that await.

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Сообщение molchun[archive] » Вт сен 29, 2009 2:22 pm

HI, J.R. Tomlin.

You have to work like vacuum cleaner, inhale images until you would find the wall.
Ravenna said:
Images will be changed as long as you not find the facet of your inner space (wall or e.t.c) The images what you see - it\'s just the levels of the unconscious. Inhale and exhale this images. But if they remain constant after inhale, so it means that you\'ve found the facet of your inner space.

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Сообщение molchun[archive] » Вт сен 29, 2009 2:37 pm

Hi, 64dreamer.

If i understood you right about grid Ravenna has written about network patterns.
Network patterns of the Eiffel or the Ostankino tower - are the variations of moves in the maze of wheels of the time (see F. Donner \"Shadow Witches\"). Anyone can see the images of this moves just closing his eyes. We can navigate through them, reach the light areas or dark. These meditations are useful when you create the intention to solve difficult situations and problems in your life.

But all this is for beginners mystics. Don\'t remember that we researchers. So be kind, dont drift down the aisle, but turn to the wall of this maze and look it very attentive.

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Сообщение molchun[archive] » Вт сен 29, 2009 2:43 pm

About third task. Look the 3.5 task posted by Psychonaut. It\'s the continue of the third task.


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