The Penumbra Task

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The Penumbra Task

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This is the translation of the main task – the one where we arrive after the preparation we have had. Ravenna gave us clues and exercises to be prepared: Sticky Glance, entering the dreams through the symbols, intending for dreaming with help of Spirit and Intent, tearing the dream space/matter to change dream and hide oneself, to gain as much control as possible.
Penumbra is the name for the program inside of our dreams which holds and protects the core of luminosity.


You have a chance to obtain the core of luminosity. The plan of it was developed by Tambov (*edit: Tambov was one of the main researchers in the Dreamhackers\' project years ago). Here it goes.

1. Arrive to the airport.

2. Go to the main entrance of the departure hall.

3. Turn right and find 2d-4th door from the main entrance (I marked it with a chunk; there will be a cross). This door can be in the main building of the airport or in the nearest one.

4. Enter the small hall. There will be people who might stop you, interrupt you or throw you out of the dream plot. That\'s why you must act fast. There will be 2 more doors in that room – on the opposite wall of the entrance, the door on the left hand side will be the one you need. Immediately enter it.

5. You will be quickly brought down. It can be a slippery ramp or a fast escalator. If you\'re slow you\'ll be toast. Squat and hold close to the left wall. In the very bottom of the ramp (escalator) you\'ll see a narrow hole/aperture on that wall. Dive in there. This is a secret refuge created by Tambov. This is his tool to hack the Penumbra subprogram. You can find a few bonuses in this hiding-place. Let the mechanism of Penumbra work our its scheme of actions for protection. You\'ll hear it. Don\'t leave the hiding place until it\'s silent.

6. As soon as it becomes silent, come to the aperture and look around the hall of Penumbra. Many see a reservoir with crocodiles on the left (a heritage from ancestors) and in the center of the hall – the construction which looks like a spreading tree. It has tentacles instead of branches. As soon as you creep to the tree, grab the excrescence (which looks like an eye) on the tree trunk and tear it off it. Immediately use your skill of tearing the matter of a dream. Hide in the darkness (*edit: the darkness between dreams), go to another dream plot and return to your room, put the core of luminosity into your hiding place (*edit: the box you left in the room where you sleep in the previous task).
If you\'re taken into the reservoir or if the tentacles catch you, try to wake up – you\'ll be injured less. In the worst case you\'ll have 2-4 weeks of failures and unhappiness. Other problems are probable: the ones with your health and such consequences of the huge energy loss.

But it\'s not so bad not to try. :)



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