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The Symbol Exersices (after the Sticky Glance practice)

Добавлено: Ср янв 27, 2010 3:15 pm
This is the topic only for the translations of Ravenna\'s tasks after the Sticky Glance practice. It\'s not for reports. They began in December. The time when they were given is shown and the number of days they require.

It\'s not for reports.

Don\'t worry if you\'re late to join the practice. If you stay patient and work hard you\'ll still get great results.
Posted 1 month ago (2 days drill)

Before we continue the research of our dream world, I\'m asking you to find the symbol-gates within 2 days – the symbol which will deliver you to the special part of your inner space.

During your walks or work routes, find an unusual symbol of yellow color on a wall or a road (in rare cases it can be pale grey). It can be part of graffiti or a drawing of a child. It mustn\'t be complicated – it could be something similar to the letters of John Dee angel language. I repeat it should be yellow.

If you have no chance to leave the house, find the symbol in the Internet (but it is an exception). The symbol should be somewhere on your route – on your \"animal path\". Power laid a trap for you. Take it and use to catch the power.
Posted 1 month ago (3-5 days drill)

We\'ll start he second level of the dream research from small complicating – submerging into the symbol. You can use your own symbol for it – the one you found in the previous drill or use someone else\'s.

When you\'re about to sleep visualise your symbol somewhere above your knees. If you\'re laying horizontal, it must be about 30 degrees to you, above. If it\'s hard to imagine, rise your knees: the symbol should be on this level.

Visualising with closed eyes is not easy. It\'s better to do in darkness. Train and hang your symbol, like sun, close your eyes and feel through your eyelids the shine from it – the yellow one, like from the sun. Fall asleep feeling this light.

The symbol can lead you to different spaces. For example, it can lead to different levels of \"energetic stripes of inorganic beings\". If you appear in their world they\'ll try to attract you more. Stay hackers. Don\'t listen to them. Even if you did in a dream then in waking world revise your experience and abolish any agreements with them.

The main goal of the task is to research the process of submerging into the symbol:

1 which spaces it leads to

2 what creatures live in those spaces

3 what tricks the inorganic beings use for making agreements with people who come to those spaces.
This research is almost safe if in reality you clearly evaluate your action in dreams. If you don\'t remember a dream which was not a Conscious dream then the agreement doesn\'t work. Also, nobody will touch you in a usual dream. If you conclude an agreement with the inorganic being in a bright conscious dream or with some amount of consciousness then it can become dangerous for you.

Where\'s the danger? The inorganic beings will give tasty fly (probably, a great help in daily life) and then they\'ll capture you. For example, you can become dependant on them or what they give you. Or you can get possessed letting the inorganic being replace you in your body. Don\'t get tricked.

In your reports try to show replies to all 3 points of the tasks.
Posted 1 month ago (3 day drill)

I\'m asking you to research the symbols of $, £ and €. One simple per day.

The basis of the symbol task stays the same: spaces, creatures, their tricks.

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Hi DarkLight,
I just want to say thank you for posting the tasks in english. Great stuff!
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