Preliminary Meditative Exersice (Small Demo)

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Сообщение zalia_smilga[archive] » Пн сен 28, 2009 6:13 pm

I tried small demo several times and got different results. At first I did as Ravenna instructed, burned books. To give a brief info, I always was passionate about the books and it was a surprise to see me without a book in my hands. So one could presume, that it should be extremely hard to get rid of them while meditating. However, I didn’t feel almost any tension to burn the most remarkable books I have read and put them one after another in the fire. I thought that there might be something wrong not to feel the barrier, described by Ravenna and other members, so decided to redo the demo once more. But this time I chose more personal object to burn-my diary, which in some sense could take a form of a book;]The experience was completely different from the previous one. The barrier appeared both in mental and physical ways. I felt myself keeping my diary in my hands, but as soon as I approached fire, I would lose the thread of the thought and find myself in some other place. It was like and invisible shield bouncing my attempts away. At the same time I felt hot and cold waves running through my body one after the other (that I usually feel when a fear appears, though this time the fear wasn’t conscious). Finally I managed to concentrate all my mind and after probably the fifth attempt threw the diary in the fire. The moment was of relief, like before my body was tightened to the weights and after that released from them, but as well of immediat fear, that I lost the weights, which kept me stable on the ground.

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Сообщение ChHIA[archive] » Вс окт 11, 2009 11:39 am

The most difficult was to burn my magical books. They either don\'t burn, a fire elemental or someone wants to take them away. I had to tear those appart, sprinkle water, fight with the guy who wanted to take them, burn them many times. A lot of work I say! My Tarot cards didn\'t want to burn too! They formed a vertical circle around the fire... but I managed to burn them seeing to it that the cards and the books turn to ashes. I became kind of exhausted so I stopped. I guess it leads to a kind of let go feeling...mhm.


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