Task: Toolset (translation)

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Task: Toolset (translation)

Сообщение Quasar[archive] » Пт янв 29, 2010 5:06 pm


Before the entrance into hell’s den we will need some helpful toolset. You have to learn how to tear the fabric of the dream realm and go to the twilight zone, into the layers of “dark matter” so to say. Possibly you already had this experience. When the fabric of the dream rips you dip into the complete darkness. It might seem that there is nothing there, but it is not so. Just our type of dream vision does not work in this space. This is the corridor, shown in the “Matrix” with hundreds of transit doors. There we mostly helpless. And worse is that it’s inhabitants are terrible critters. But Dream Hackers use the darkness to escape various dangers.

When you are in the Lucid Dream (LD), when your consciousness is zero point something percent, there is no danger. But with the rise of consciousness damage that you get in the dream will manifest in everyday reality. That is why sometimes it is really useful to escape the dream in which scenario is too dangerous. So the dreamer can tear the fabric of the dream, get into the darkness and wait for some time. When dreamer comes out the dream scene is different. You can call it a special kind of transit, using it we summon absolutely different layer of our consciousness, where there are not much human emanations. We perceive there some insinuations of movement, pain, fear and other things, but over there we are almost deaf, blind and repressed by the absence of usual sensations. To make a long story short, once you get in the darkness, you have to hide and wait. Do not swim in it, do not make any buzz and do not get too curious. In LD you can behave as you wish, but in dreams with some elements of consciousness in the darkness just be real quite.

Now about the task:

1. Try to rip the fabric of the dream and get into the darkness. It is difficult and rarely accomplished.

2. After some practice with this, you can move on to a well tested method. On the bus station or a taxi spot by the Airport find a group of gypsies. You can find them in the other parts of the City – on the markets or whatever places that you know they will be at. Those are sprites, but helpful ones. You can buy some rare useful things from them. Ask them to sell you berries that rip the fabric of the dream. These berries are big hard and look like acorns or nuts. Actually you can get them yourself on the clay slopes by the East River. But it is much easier to buy them off the gypsies. Take like 5-10 of them, should be enough. Then walk away from the gypsies and test your purchased goods in action –throw one of them on the floor. Wide crack of the black color should open up. Get in it slowly. Oooops, you’re in darkness. Then come out of it – just move back to the direction that you came from.

Izrigi called this things “holeopeners” cause they open holes. But he was sarcastically criticized for this. That is why I do not insist on their use. You can call them berries, nuts, and acorns – whatever you like.

The time to accomplish the task is 5 days. While you practice I will take a leave, so I will not be able to answer your questions. In case of emergency address Cubus, but watch out, don’t rely on him too much – he is a little off the hook : ). Good luck!
• Redo
Guys, this task is crystal clear! DO not want to flood too much, but this ability has a huge potential as in dream practice, and so in awake state. All the best to everybody and good luck to Ravenna on her trip!
About the potential - is this something similar?

• Anonymous
There is a difference between a glitch in the dream program and parallel world. If you want to glitch the dream program, then get hit by a car. Very interesting experience. But the realm of darkness that Ravenna writes about is something else. There are snapping creatures. There is something happening. You could feel their movement, but our sensoric equipment barely able to receive the incoming signals. There we are in the area of emanations that do not have too much of human, more of the nonhuman. Even in the world of trees we see and hear something. Not here. It is some kind of space with it’s own laws. That is why the Point Zero is not valid here.
Once I experienced something similar, I have no idea if this is what Ravenna described. By myself I was practicing the tasks from Ravenna’s first workshop, using the method of entry to CD through the corridor and the door. So once I came to the door, opened it and behind it instead of the rest of the corridor that I visualized there was a disruption. Actually there was a corridor, but it like bended by some corner and that corner was the tear of space. I got in, the corridor disappeared and I found myself in sheer darkness, but somewhere far way there were some specks of light. But I did not cause this rip, it appeared by itself and that amazed me.

I was not able to repeat this again.
• cj
It happened often even in childhood, when in the dream with a bit of consciousness some monsters were circling and roaming so I had nowhere to run and just felled on my back and slightly felled through the floor. Immediately some force picked my body up and away by a spiral, and I went out of the dream scenario. It got me I do not remember where, but I suspect that it was a darkness described by Ravenna.
Sorry for my profane question, but why not generate a thought form of this magic berry right on the spot? I think that on the search for gypsies a lot of consciousness will be wasted. Not for nothing, many of us have a solid archetype that all the gypsy staff is rather negative (if there are some Gypsies here, no offence) due to their criminal activity, at least on the territory of the former USSR. Even if we do need some helpful objects, you can take a knife and slash the air. Even better to do it with your finger nail. Or put your hand together like you are praying and slowly open up a crack. After a while of looking into it dreamer will definitely get there. Dreamer will always get to whee he is gazing, even inside the painting.
• Redo
Used the method of constant reminding in the awake, came out kind of lame. I had a feeling that it was a waist and I became some kind of organizer, that constantly mumbles but himself does not understands – he is just on organizer. But the whole night communicated with my grandma, she said that she is tired of living cause all days she communicates with someone telepathically and it exhausts her. I told her that we are in the same boat and it bothers me a lot too, she got surprised and switched from the self-pity on the situation in general. Also wacked my astral buddy, well roughed him up a little (he sucks energy, little piece of shit:). Can’t fully concentrate on the workshop, this disturbs, than that - but it is OK, my spring winds up ))
• adzgatashatru
Came to the underground train station, recalled that I was here before and to make sure found a second exit that was supposed to be there on the left side, came down again a took an escalator down. The moment that I got on it I realized its length (it was very long, I could not see what’s down there) and got conscious. As soon as the consciousness stabilized I looked around – people that were on the escalator disappeared right way. The stairs disappeared morphing into the conveyor belt and now the escalator was more like a tray.

It took me down right away, but I did not slide on the belt, but was floating slightly above the belt and some current violently pulled me down the conveyor (the sensations are similar as to when you fall into the darkness and fall into the unknown direction). I tried to straight things out by attempts to fly back up, it slightly weakened the pull.

Further there were some memory failures; I think that I closed my eyes (trying to fall into the darkness) then again memory failure and after it followed a streak of false awakenings that were accompanied by paralysis, heaviness of the body, room all in darkness (could see only the outlines), adherent-drunken awareness and movement coordination (after overcoming of paralysis and getting up from the bed), feeling of presence some entity and struggle against it.
adzgatashatru, have you ever tried not to fight the entities, but to order, command them? Try it out, I had some experience with it not in the CD, but in reality and I have to tell you that if it comes out right – it works foolproof. They feel the fear and feed on it, but in the same manner they feel when you are not afraid of them (easier said than done, but with practice it come out better and better :) and in most of the cases they leave or obey. All the shamanic ceremonies are based on this concept – if a shaman would not control the spirits (and spirits are the entities) then after the first ceremony he would become a vegetable, possessed or dead.
• adzgatashatru
Quasar, I never tried to order them around, but to be honest it seems to me that paralisys, entity and its influence, and phenomenons like heaviness, scary hands that came out of nowhere and grab you, heave blanket that got stuck to you and interferes with your movement and vision – all of this is MAINLY glitches of perception and garbage leftovers of tonhal that overlays on perception at that moment, you need to get rid of it. There were moments when I really thought that those were the entities, most often it was a dark manlike silhouette, once we wrestled and I woke up together with him wrestling on the bed. I even felled from the bed when got the beeter of him : ))))))) he disappeared, and I thought that that was just a glitch of semi-awake state.

There were moments when I just let go this feeling of a struggle (just stopped resisting and observed) then there were memory blackouts and I was plunging into some “river” on which I floated (just laid on my back and the current was carrying my), around me I felt (could not see anything, complete darkness) some movement, sounds, someone swimmed by. Sometimes the darkness would dissolve a little, I seen my room and woke up… I don’t know… with some practice it should become clearer, but it would be nice if someone could share their experience.

Quasar, how was it in your case?
• morena
No results in regards to the task

Constant reminding at the day time took to my dream the memory that “I have to do something”, that modified every scene, but the theme of the berries did not surface.

P.S. Silence: If you do not like gypsies – don’t eat them : )

In the first part of the exercise it was proposed to rip the fabric of the dream by ourselves. As far as I understand everything goes. If you wish tear it with hands, if you prefer by horns, or you can bang it with your head. Stereotype of gypsies in CIS is not anly aobut their criminal activit ies, but also has an aura of some kind of “aggressive mystery”
With paralisys everything is not that simple. The paralysis is an effect, not a cause, so it can not be an entity by itself. When it is a sleep paralysis it is one issue, but when it is caused by an entity that decided to feed on you, it is something else. There are also some cases when paralysis is summoned on you by someone, who by using it does some kind of manipulations to you. It happened to me twice, and even though I was able to come out of it, had to get cleaned out of the “souvenirs” . Now it is not that easy to break through to me. Not too long ago I read that sleeping paralysis can be used as a slingshot to OBE, CD and somewhere else, if I find the link I will post it for you. Can’t recall any swims in this dark river.

In regards to ordering entities around I have some experience – the main trick here is no to be afraid and not to try to convince yourself in it, but just not to be afraid. With practice it comes out better and better. If this topic is interesting for you, than why don’t you create another topic on this forum, maybe someone will share their experience, because we are way off topic with it here.
Today I got conscious in the last dream. Looked around and recalled the task to execute. Decided not to do anything with the ticket, but to go straight for the berries. Just so happened that I was in the area close to the market, caught some old lady behind the counter and ask her: “Do you have the berries that rip the dream fabric? I want to buy some”. Lady froze up and basically crashed (like a comp). Then told me that she doesn’t know. I went further. Seen a group of walking away gypsies mainly consisting of men. I runned up to one of them and asked: “Excuse me, are you gypsy?” he looked at me in surprise and said: “Yes, I am, what do you want?”. I said that I urgently need to meet a gypsy woman to consult with her. He led me to some building on the edge of the market (something like a cheap cafe) got me inside and got me settled behind the table. I was told that the first consultation is free. Then gypsy woman came. She was not young by any means, but amazingly gorgeous ). You could feel her wonderful femininity. I realized that I have seen her as soon as we entered, greeted her and she just followed us. I told her, understanding that probably I act stupid, that she is really beautiful. In her turn she just looked at me (seemed that obviously she liked the compliment) and simply asked: “What do you want?”. I explained her that I want to buy berries that rip the fabric of the dream. Around us sprites started to gather and listen. She replied something, can’t recall what, but I am sure that did not buy the berries of her. She just said something to appease me. I also remember that we were riding somewhere and talked about something. Then we were again in this café and she left. Other sprites remained and were inquiring what happened to me. I told them that I need to buy the berries that rip the fabric. They looked at each other and no one understood anything. Then I said that they are also called (some incomprehensible word) and the “openhalls”. The word openhole really raised their spirits up, and one of them even made a joke that if you do not do soothing, than it’s gonna be a complete openhole!, and they broke out laughing. I went further. In corridor I seen some old man who was running by (he looked like he just came out of the forest, he had some bags and a cheap worm jacket). I tried to catch up with him and attempted to call him, but al of the sudden my voice disappeared somewhere. I did manage to stop him, but could not explain what I needed, and this time for some reason said “berries that rip the tonahl of the dream”. He could not help me. The dream started to crumble and I decided to go outside.

On the outside there was a major rainstorm. Dream stabilized again. I runned under the rain just for the fun of it ), then for some reason understood that I got to buy the ticket first. The dream crumbled and I woke up.

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Сообщение Quasar[archive] » Пт янв 29, 2010 5:07 pm

New releases coming soon :)))
DarkLight, нам надо как-то хотя бы терминологию стандартизировать. Например я перевожу ОС как \"conscious dream\" a Морковь как \"controlled dream\", и самое смешное что мы оба правы :))) Хотя я чуууточку больше прав ) Давай откатаем стандарт, ато иносранцы запутаются - не фасончик :(
Как будем действовать?

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Сообщение Quasar[archive] » Вт фев 02, 2010 4:39 pm

• kathryn
Got conscious in some aimless space. Thought that well, that’s probably it… before Controlled Dreams I get here often. Or at the time of the shifts. But never thought that that there are some bity creatures there. Now I sit in this hole and afraid to move, but without my activity the picture of the dream does not appear. Then I got tired of not seeing anything, got up and went through corridor. Gradually started to see and came out on the street. Thought that I have to repeat this in the reverce order, but all of the sudden either Emissary activated, or I talked to myself: “Beat it! Let’s better go and play chess!” I move to my “chess house” where the chess pieces are of the human size. The pleasant memories came, how I like it here, how often I play with the “master” of the place – some gramps. And now, I have not been here for a while, master digged out a pull in the middle of the chess desk. He tries to convince me to stay: “Come on, we are friends, I can full up the pull with water and we can swim as much as we wish”… it was so difficult to move on. The picture with the chess house soon became real small and I am already standing in my apartment and look at the chess board that lays on the floor…

Thought that I am waking up and again in the aimless space. Walk through that corridor again and come out on the street. Again got the thought to walk back. But it was so interesting to get to the attic or sink through somewhere else… for some time I am busy doing it until I meet a sprite of someone that I know), he morphed a few times and became almost undistinguishable from the original, was trying to convince me that he is fully conscious, but the eyes were so light… and so I decide to walk in to the gap made by openhole. But to no success, the picture did not want to go away! My standing on the head, flips and other acrobatic tricks did not help. On the contrary – everything became more crisp and clear. I stand there and think: “Wow! And what would happen if I would have to hide rapidly?” I decide to at start all over with the gypsies. So, once again I wake up in the aimlessness, get back into the picture of the dream and this time I with the clear goal go straight to the market. Once in the real there was a market near by home. I go to that place eventhough in the real everything is different for quite a while. I almost got there when I saw a gypsy standing on the corner. I run up to him and say: “immediately give me some openholes”. He looks at me in bewilderment and obviously confused. I walk further. A group of gypsies goes my way, they approach me. I demand: “give me openholes now” and gypsy gives me a plastic bag. I grab it and see that it is not the acorns in there, but something like a bunch of pebbles, about kilo and a half. I stand there and think: will it do or should I exchange it… I decide to check and to throw a pebble, but that is when the glitches started. Gypsies were still nearby, when I heard the whisper “you got strange round face and four eyes”… I tried to find a source of the voice, but the picture melted, was not able to go back.


• Andjel
Nothing about the berries in the dream, but I walked all the way to the western border, I got a forest there where evil cannibal aboriginals live, when I noticed them I runned back by the edge of the forest and got to the sea. Then I moved south and came to a big semi-dark hangar, on the side bhind the wall there was a pool, after I looked around it sprites runned up to me and and told me that it is too dangerous to walk there and walked me to the exit. And one more thing, in the hangar I wanted to take from some guy a hand grenade or something similar, but he said : “What are you want to blow everything up here?”. So I put it back


• Rusla
About 10 days ago I dreamed that I am getting late for the train. It was already on the move, so I had to jump in. There were several men with me, probably gypsies. All without the tickets obviously. We go from one train car to another in order to avoid a controller, they even pick pocketed someone on the way. We stopped at the end of the train, cause there was nowhere to go further. There some chick shows me a bag with nuts or acorns, I can’t really tell what it looked like. Take it, she says. If I knew what to do with it! On the next station they got us off the train. She took my phone number and promised to call me. Well, will just have to wait for the phone call : )


• The Dolphin
It was real effective at the day time again. Got conscious in a really not pleasant dream, immediately flew up and like screwed in the space, getting into the darkness. Then I got throwninto the false waking, then again to the darkness and new dream.

Actually guys did not write for nothing, that on the search of the gypsies you can waste more consciousness then on the solid action. But the means of direct displacement without the hacker’s tricks will work only for people who got no problems with trust in themselves. Those who do have those problems and those who are not sure are better to use the objects for reinforcement of intent.


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