Patience of Medici

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Patience of Medici

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source: ... 1&start=20
author: Sergey Izrigi

Hearts — emotional experience (sympathies, antipathies, creepy stories, etc.)
Diamonds — financial proceedings, various stages of material welfare.
Clubs — social activity, job, traveling.
Spades — will’s manifestations, aggression, obstacles and getting over them.

A (Ace) — a force. Any external force, an element, circumstances, etc. Something, that has influence upon us, forcing us to react. Something we respond to.
K (King) — a law, a world-view. Standarts, which define way of our responses and actions. Laws, which enforce us to act according to a world-view. An appropriate, a must, a routine. Circumstances and limitations, imposed on us.
Q (Queen) — a human, an animal, a mosquito. People in general. An object, that interacts with us.
J (Jack) — our personal motives, desires, intentions and inducements, which bring us to actions. According to them we hope, are offended, glad or sad. An axis, around which our actions are running.
10 (Ten) — a result or a consequence of some action (preferably, of our action).
9 (Nine) — issue (giving a response, acting, giving information, excretion of urine, expressing clever or dumb thoughts — everything, that we emit from inner system to outer world).
8 (Eight) — a contact (a meeting, a chatter, communication, sex, a fight, a quarrel, revels with friends, a “date” with a buddy, etc.)
7 (Seven) — absorption (eating, receiving information, watching a football game, cinema, reading newspapers, etc.)
6 (Six) — movement (walking with beloved one, running errands on job, retreating or attacking a enemy, transfering funds)


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