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Crystals and dreams by Spy

Добавлено: Сб янв 03, 2015 9:33 am
Crystals and healing dreams by Spy

Crystals can be programmed to heal dreams. Select the crystal from the list, hold it for two minutes, visualizing that it is surrounded by a bright light. Express the intention that the crystal should bring you healing dreams that you will remember and understand when you awaken. Then, before bed, put the crystal under the pillow. Always keep a pad and a pencil near the bed.

Red and yellow jasper helps to cause significant dreams. Jasper helps our unconscious to contact in a dream with awareness.

Bloodstone stimulates dreams.

Amethyst causes intuitive dreams and exits from the body. In addition, the stone helps to find the meaning of the dream. Amethyst, lying under the pillow, protects from nightmares, causes sweet dreams and discourages succubus and incubi.

Treatment of serious diseases with the help of amethyst

* Hold the amethyst in your hands before going to bed. Stay calm and calm. Breathe gently and smoothly in a natural rhythm. In this state, the stone will read your condition.
* Close your eyes, lift the inner sight to the point of the "third eye" in the center of the forehead. Imagine that this eye opened and showed you a beautiful place. Go there. (If it does not work out, attach the amethyst to the third eye and make it open.)
* A few minutes, consider a beautiful place. Feel the presence of a person. Let the figure fit you. He is a spiritual healer (he is not necessarily a man).
* Explain to the healer the essence of your problem and ask for a cure for the disease. Be polite and respectful.
* Go to bed, place the amethyst under the pillow. Express the intention to meet the healer in a dream, and then remember the dream.
* When you wake up, write down your dream.