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Сообщение Artur » 17 янв 2015, 13:52:48

...> You say, read-only? But perhaps not all a dream? It would need to be clarified. I have had several dreams where I communicated with beings that took consciousness, inhuman consciousness. And it was not read-only. Consciousness with what can not be confused. When looking at you look, having consciousness.

You know what you call a look of awareness? Your experience of meeting with other dreamers. So it turns out that when they met each other dreamers often perceive colleagues as some unearthly creatures. At certain stages I and ten other people had to spend initiation - show new friends "joint dream." The first meeting is always like that. I was taken very ill. All are afraid or lose power from him. This is the first pranks attention. As long as the brain adapts to meet with members of the second attention, meeting with colleagues - a "battle with the evil creatures who wanted to seize my soul." It describes his experience of meeting with me one of my friends.

> Please give details of the methodology of remembering dreams! I remember, not all, but some have occurred in such position of the assemblage point, that in general, how to get there, I can not imagine.

The bottom line is this - you're Dreams blog (very useful thing at the beginning of practice), but by writing the dream, is focusing on the area.
Such as: "meet other on a strange street. We talked about Tibetan sharks. At this time, four bandits robbed a jewelry store was shooting."
Then you draw the plan of the street, the location of the houses, trying to remember what is on (that is, outside the bubble of perception). If you do not remember, let it remain.
You put the number of dreams in your diary. Notes that the number on the map of the dream.
I later tell the orientation on the map.
[Return dreams memory] After a while, "bubbles" will be connected. They will be many, they will be merged, creating hundreds of fragments of a map of dreams - the tonal island. Mapping - is tidying up the tonal. And then one day, boom! you begin to remember the place of dreams, where she was five or ten years ago. Just draw a railway station and which dreamed of, and then remember how once traveled this route in some place. You know that it was in a dream that this place, maybe in the world do not. But in the world of dreams, it has, and you draw it. Like a dream memory begins to visit you more and more. Do you feel that you growing something powerful, huge, uncontrollable. Then, HA! it breaks into you! At this moment you can draw almost the entire map! You know almost all places! You burn from the inside knowledge and power. Can you all. People stick to you like flies to honey. The Power attracts everyone. Within a few hours of your significance increases to heaven.
Terribly dangerous moment. Crossroads! Here or there! By the power of obsession with impotence or subsequent to the calm and careful moving further. I'll write about it. Hundreds of people have been taken away from "hackers" at that point. Then they were "ordinary people" - so common that even plucked off the hair of longing for that period of life when they bore the bird knowledge...


...> Warnings. What are the dangers and what to do if you ran into them. And the consequences. This is very small and vaguely written. Specific details - that was, and how this fighting. Any experience, even negative, is invaluable, because it's just too small.

the level of danger

0 Level - This is the first phase of the card. Flyers and allies of you still do not know anything. You are at liberty and free in its development. Shields tonal strong and unbreakable.
Level 1 - In your cocoon of a gap. You discover not only the forces of the nagual, but also death. She begins to scar. You become the object of attention of the Allies. They begin to explore you, and you think you're losing your mind. Flyers take you under the hood. At this stage of dreams falls off half of adepts. Many of them go with incurable diseases of the mind and body.
Level 2 - deadly. Contact with the forces and energies of the universe requires a person to perfection and special mood. Pressing the flyers so strong that it seems at times unbearable. Allies catch your attention, trying to come into your life, and here the best of the negative outcomes are an obsession, mania and various body tumors (benign and malignant swollen). Worst case are captured in the maze (in reality - coma / eternal sleep).
You know, I had no idea that science has not developed in the field of lucid dreaming. I was shocked baby ignorance scientists. I recently became a member of the Association of the study of dreams formed Garfield. So, browsing the archives, I realized that the scientists that does not know about lucid dreaming.



1. Not Doing Dreams (justification card in terms imposed by Castaneda)

2. Dreams - "bubbles" of perception (analysis of a dream - you can and your).

3. Orientation of individual dreams on the map (as mapping of hundreds of disparate dreams).

4. Reverse dreams of space (coup coordinates North-South and East-West 180 degrees).

5. Merge "bubbles" and the strange non-linearity of the dream of space (if you compare the map of dreams of any person with a map of his daily life, we will find interesting oddities - the absence of some familiar places and the presence of a completely unknown spaces).

FILE_03 hacking programs DREAMS

1. The common elements of all dreams cards (theme archetypes as some personifications of human consciousness strip).

2. Comparison of Dreams cards with Don Juan's description of the tonal (remember, the island of the tonal, which need to be streamlined?)

3. The concept of ordering tonal - drawing cards full of dreams.

4. Description of the transport lines and a clear analogy with the movement of the assemblage point.

5. The effect of artificial space (remember, I have described to you the process of sudden memories of past dreams?)

And what do the dreamer in a lucid dream? (except flights through walls, contemplation hands and terror dreams images).


...[answer: why in a dream, everything changes] What you now call the world of dreams - it is an illusion, a kind of description of the real phenomenon that escapes your attention. To fix attention in the dream necessary force. Many forces - the world is fixed and immutable as the everyday reality. Little power - have you been on the subjects of sleep. The whole of science is the dreamer in two Trix: introduction of attention in the dream and documenting what you perceive.
In order to accurately describe the world of Dreams, we introduce an artificial substitute.
[example of artificial substitution] An unknown offender committed the robbery and left in a car in an unknown direction. That is, we have an unknown square. Criminologist uses "artificial substitution" and receives (a) a plaster cast on a print of the tire; (b) fingerprint criminal. A day later, the police establishes the brand of car, and the police chief gives orientation to the right person, fingerprints which coincided with the prints at the crime scene.
Understand all the techniques involve breaking into the unknown hacker techniques - whether it's satellite launch to the moon, creating a body of dreams or conductor on other worlds. We need to "stick your finger" into an unknown world, to move them and make sure that it will be saved. Then hand, head, etc. Hackers will tell you: it all - crack program, the penetration into the unknown and secure environment.

Conclusion: entering an artificial replacement (map again), we can learn a lot about the unknowable phenomenon that you call dream world. Map - this is not the world of Dreams. Globe - it's not Earth.
For the mapping of dreams you will know that not all areas of the artificial space is continuously changing: there are areas of the transmutation - the zone of continuous change...


I have one friend that we, his friends, call Doc. He is a healer and a good dreamer.
Only acquainted with him, I learned what a real suggestion. Came to visit him in St. Petersburg, did not have time to throw the bag, and the apartment has introduced a girl 13-14 years. Company drunk guys threw her to train at full speed. The doctors did everything they could. But severe concussion let's know. Girl 5-6 days spent without sleep, then flowed almost in a coma, waking up the next day, and again the same cycle. It was scary to watch - a living corpse, in whose eyes were horror and pain.
Doc pulled her chair, sat down in front, and the girl immediately fell asleep. I and her parents were in the range of his power. After a minute, these people also slept. I looked at the back Dock - Black strict jacket. Suddenly in front of me opened the tunnel. The walls were alive texture - as happens in dreams, when everything is so crisp, colorful and lively, that the tonal is saturated, and there is a rupture of the dream. I dragged forward some force. I wanted to hide, hide ...
Doc interrupted the session and gave me a couple of slaps. He said that we were in the depths of the labyrinth - the archetypal structure that is seen in a dream all people. It manifests itself in dreams in various forms - a house with many rooms, a network of ravines, caves, etc. This structure is reflected in many computer games, as the cliché describes the quest - to find a way to the next level.
Doc cured a girl, and I learned a lot of information about labyrinths.
My friend became interested in them by accident. Once at St. Petersburg courses "layvspringa" one of the participants entered the regressive state. 28-year-old woman began to behave like a 10 year old girl. In that distant age, she helped her mother in nurseries - that was either a nurse, or a teacher. And a power lady suddenly began to see in others - to colleagues, employees, relatives - young children. And she behaved with them accordingly. She drove to the outstanding doctors, but nothing helped. Over leadership courses looming dark cloud. Eventually the woman was taken to the Dock, but he did not find any support for communication, threw up his hands and said their "I'm sorry."
However, the thought of an unhappy woman troubled him, and suddenly one of lucid dreams, he found himself in a maze. Rather, turned to the contrary - he was there, and went into a lucid dream. Beside him stood the woman. Tunnel walls clenched around them and dragged her to the dock intended outputs. In short, he pulled it out of the tunnel, but in the morning he received a call joyful and colleagues reported that the woman miraculously escaped from the regression. And it happened exactly in the event that night.
Later Doku failed to heal in the same way a blind girl. Her case assumed deformation of the optic nerves. That is the vision she could not recover completely. And he led her out of the maze, and she saw the light.
Why am I telling you all this? And then, to show you how mysteriously our consciousness, and what discoveries can bring us dream analysis. Psychologists believe that the archetype of the Labyrinth - a projection of ailments, problems and unsolved problems of everyday reality. Those who made maps of dreams, do not agree with them. For them, the maze - it traps attention. And interestingly, these "traps" grow, develop and serve as the abode for many allies.
If you imagine a dream card extended up rectangle, where the edges are the boundary area of human perception, and if we draw a diagonal from the southwest to the northeast, the area will be located in the maze southeast parabolle respect to said diagonal.
But to explore the maze dangerous. This is evidenced by Carlos Castaneda. For those traveling in consciousness is needed innate gift. And if you take away the usual dream of concentration for a few minutes, the maze sucks her almost instantly...
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Re: About a cartography

Сообщение Artur » 17 янв 2015, 14:38:47

...Hey there. I would like to answer the questions that were asked and I Keshunchik Maxx.

Answers to Keshunchika:

1. Is it possible to map the universe, the world and the world of dreams? - Yes I Am. This is already done since ancient times, as evidenced by the maps, globes and pictures of shamans. For orientation in space using multiple systems (eg, Cartesian and angular coordinate system).
Orientation is required in all areas of human knowledge, including the need it for dreamers. Remember how Don Juan Castaneda kept asking - where messengers arrived from the south or north? Where he carried the stream, in which direction?
2. Why should I make a map of the dream?
Firstly, it is not doing a dream, that is the focus of attention is not on the internal dialogue (which, as rightly pointed Rey, and made his way into our dreams), and the fact that many people have never in my dreams did not put - on the ground, where there events dreams.
Secondly, for the map is revised dream dreams. Disputes about the importance of this action is as hopeless as the debate on the revision of life. See fit - do. It is a way of gaining power and knowledge. Is voluntary. My grandmother, for example, do not do it, and my grandfather - too.
Third, strategic mapping was taking "hackers dream." The final effect of this method can be described as "explosive" recollection almost all dream life. Memories are not in terms of what I said to someone and then I answered. No, it's the memory of those places where I was in my dreams - I mean, the positions of the assemblage point, which were involved in the dream. It was then that many dreamers begins stable vision lucid dreaming. That's when they start thinking about, and what to do next? How intention to secure a further search for knowledge and freedom?
3. Are mazes manifestation of prenatal experiences? - Keshunchik, in this case, you're trying to mix the two models miroopisaniya "toltekovskuyu" and "habbardistskuyu." Synthesis is always welcomed in the research of the unknown, so, come on, go for it! You lived a third of his life in a dream. You - Expert dreams, as well as each of us. And if the topic you like, staked out her site and begin to develop the core.

Answers to the Max:

1. Are mazes archetypal structures? - All people occasionally see in dreams maze, giant buildings and boundary limits of personal space, for which they can not even get through. They see similar dreams with similar plots and personifications. Psychologists call this phenomenon arhetipizatsiey and see in it a layer of common human consciousness. (You and I would advise them to read Castaneda, and then they would understand that we are talking about human consciousness lane.) Yes, labyrinths - a symbolic thing. This is a manifestation of some components of the energy of the universe. Our minds converts them into a template, which is absolutely unknown reasons seen people like a maze. Here Keshunchik believes that this grain pattern is laid in our consciousness in the prenatal (prenatal) period. And then the question arises: who is laid, how? and for what purpose?

2. Do you think that a woman who visited the regressive state, and stayed there, despite its apparent healing - This is wrong. Yes, her assemblage point at any time on a set of incentives can return to the "pit of the past." But at the moment it has formed a new "shield", which it protects its social image. Doc translated it into the position of the assemblage point, where it is considered by others capable. In the treatment of mental illnesses that result recognized very positive. Although you're right, no enlightenment and freedom of spirit she did not receive.

3. You say that Doc had healed the blind girl in vain. It's, like, completely futile, because he does not ask why the poor thing was in such a state? - You are right. Doc - weirdo. He heals people because he likes it. This is his calling, and he "dragged" when cure someone from kidney stones and the urge to commit suicide.

And as to why people get into mazes, can express their opinion. Labyrinth - is part of a program embedded in our consciousness flyers, program "worm" that develops in us, growing, devouring energy and memory, and then replaces a human, its laws and regulations. That's why I think Doc eccentric - he is doomed to defeat in his battle with the flyers. At the same time, I have great respect for him. He fights with them!
Hey, hey, do not strain! I know that the flyers - a personification of certain forces or energies. Therefore, the "hackers" have decided to "hack" their imprint - the "code" that is weaned us to be free...


...Let's start with the letter B. Dreams are of 4 types: "crazy loop", a 100% chatter, sleep with elements of action and the so-called "transparent dream." Can challenge this classification, add or subtract the nominees, but the bottom line is simple - 4 species, and all. Lucid dreams are not dreams. It is interesting to note that the first type of dream dreams when overloading the nervous system - and all night, that is all 5-6 periods of REM-dreams. Dreams of type 2 shot during the period 2-4 REM-sleep. The first two types - very helpful ... but in stages 07-09.doc. Optimal for beginning are dreams 3-type (with action) - is 1,5,6 during REM-dreams. It is best to remember the last dream. How to remember (so that every day)? Setting placed on phase spillage. In principle, there are three turning points:

Force myself to keep a diary of dreams (stage 00.doc). Woke up, remembered, wrote in his diary. Need to wake up slowly and with the intention to remember a dream. This is a delicate matter and personal. Everyone finds ways and means to carry out this task. The first steps will require huge. Maintain records necessary every day. Hangover, girlfriend in bed, business - all on one side. How to keep a diary? Had a dream. You remember it. Entries draw the plan area (try more, then come in handy). Near briefly describe the context of sleep. Furthermore, their association with this dream, thoughts and stuff. Next, you put on a page number.

Wait for the merge again. Gathering of about 20-30 pages. (In fact, we all live in a dream on a small patch of space That is, sooner or later, some dreams begin to merge.) If you can not wait, get started with numbers Dreams on a clean sheet of paper. Just trust intuition. My advice: map of dreams are the mirror image - top south, below the north, on the right - the west, on the left - east. Dreams and everyday worlds - a reflection of the projection of each other. Focal point - you.


Map is limited to the so-called boundary region:

The southern border is almost certain to be associated with childhood - the river, the sea, the mountains, the ocean, a series of hills. She does not move when the progress of dreams.

The northern boundary is shifted gradually.

In the east, many "blind spot". That is, there are some elements of the eastern sector, but there is a lot of unexplored places.

The western sector is stable and is usually limited to the river, beyond which one can see the mountains.

I have visited many countries and in Russia not only lived in the Far North and the Far East, but in my dreams card has only one city. It includes elements of many other cities - in fact, it is a template concept of "city".

On the southern half of the map is a gigantic structure, which is seen by many as a multi-storey station / station / airport, or as a mountain / Olympus / stairway to heaven / and so on. This gigantic structure fluctuates on many maps, moving then south, then to the center of the map.

In the center of the map - your home.

In the north-eastern sector - Disaster zone, DIFFERENT PLACES Theological Schools ZONE nightmares and etc. In this sector, you will meet with other dreamers and some "spies."

In the northwest corner is a strange phenomenon that you consider the well only at the moment of death. A kind of "hole", which flows west and north of the river. Talk about this later.

On the map are very stable and unchanging place, but there ZONE transmutation, where everything changes. Zone transmutations are inputs into the lower worlds.

Around the middle of the map and to the west there is a huge pit in which the template is "industry." When put things in this place, you will understand.

PARADISE - in the south-east corner. Very nice place, but I was surprised how small it is and ... umm ... rustic.

In the dream world is full of traps attention - maze prison (a giant computer), ancestral home, etc. In these places are kept part of ourselves. This is some part of our consciousness, enclosed in separate media. Topic traps again considered better pozzhe.Osobenno when you visited the "reserve" and get / bring back a decent portion of their "luminosity".

On the map are railroads. Consider their bonuses. Each railroad personifies cool way to move the assemblage point...


...It's about power. I have it on the map too.
The right of it reaches the forest, which is a strange sanatorium (such as for infectious patients). I wandered around, but did not go there.
By the way, this is a little forest to the north-northeast, and the southern part there is a place called a lady "Kiki's forests." There you can find an ally. If the meeting strongly Undeterred, he can learn much. I went there 20 times.
The first case was so - we were sitting with two members of the group in the teacher's home. This is the house in which all meet his spiritual master. The first room type veranda, with a dirt floor. And the floor is constantly sweeping a woman. The second room is like an elongated rectangle. All students or members of the teacher sitting on the floor. He had far from the entrance of a narrow wall. When you show up, then sit down to his left. Then you translate the second attention (I remember only vague picture), then you go to the first note and it turns out already right from the teacher (usually on the back and in a miserable form). Remember, it was with all of us. In short, we sit, waiting for the teacher, all of a sudden this woman who was sweeping the floor, turned to me, waved a broom, and I flew.
Sleep conscious concentration a little broken, then, bam, I'm in the scene, where the two-storey house evacuating people - inside is a very evil and dangerous stranger. And dangerous not life and death, but for the soul. All the running around, evacuated, and I went inside and got in some office - such as medical. Couch, table, scales and computer. The computer sits a woman. She turned to me, and I almost died of fright. She had her eyes nagual. Remember, you've seen them, too. Look alien consciousness, black, shiny, absorbing all of you. I shook in ordinary sleep. Then a couple of times I came to this place and was looking for her. The house was gone. But I found some hovel, such as a barn, climbed into it and waited a long time. Without result.
And then there was a terrible event. In reality.
I was visiting a friend. The usual nine-in the center of the city, summer, outdoor balcony at night. A friend and his wife went to the cottage. I slept in one apartment and suddenly awoke to the fact that the door lock clicked. I thought it was a thief. Each with his wife could not return at night. I threw off the blanket, ready for battle in bandits, and suddenly I heard a horrible, no words indescribable terrible voice: "Sergei, I come!" That was it - ally. It then I did not see. I felt terribly bad. Vomiting and strongly felt sick. After I made friends with this ally. Such is the tale about the power. Her (ally) see many.
You can try. Move from the power plant to the south-east...

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Re: About a cartography

Сообщение Artur » 19 янв 2015, 18:01:14


Drawing up any cards - this, of course, is not a goal but a method. For the map you are familiar with the environment, orient themselves in space. Moreover, the map is not the dream world of dreams, as well as the globe is not a globe.

Let's imagine a computer quest where gaming space closed "fog of war". The analogy with the world of dreams stretched, but quite acceptable. Have any of you seen computer games, whose mission would be to disclose the card? No. But there are many games in which we, removing the fog of war and revealing the map, find solutions quest missions. A true gamer knows that stranded games without a map is indispensable. Orientation in space saves time and effort, while the absence of the card makes an interesting game in boring walk around.

Map of Dreams - is artificially created space in one way or another reflect our description a specific set of dreams. The map can not describe all of your dreams. It is limited by the fundamental elements of choice: that is, someone can map the terrain of dreams, someone - a set of sensations, someone will put emphasis on other components of sleep.

Hackers dreams chosen terrain mapping. How Come? They decided that it would be by not doing Dreaming description. With this choice of the dreamer excludes internal dialogue associated with sprites dreams. Sprites hackers named characters of our dreams.

According to hackers dream - a bubble of perception, which includes a small space, attributes which can be sprites and background environment. Some dreams do not have a sprite or background.

Let's digress from the topic and talk about the classification of dreams. And these classifications - thousands. For example, Patricia Garfield offers universal classification of dreams, which emphasizes the emotional component and divides the types of dreams into pairs of opposites: dreams about falling and dreams of flying; dreams about the losses and dreams of acquisitions, etc. This is one of the most elegant classifications, but it has about 36 kinds of dreams. Hackers have come up with their classification and brought it up to 4 types:

- Crazy loop (this is usually extremely schematized dreams with monotonous repetitive plots, usually they dream of people during illness, during prostration and perverts, well remembered in many cases the loop spinning all periods 5-6 REM-sleep for beginners dreamers, they are virtually useless; for experienced users are a great opportunity to go lucid dreaming, and interestingly, the loops are often minimized background environment with almost no sprites hackers consider this type of dream equivalent to debug the program).

- Chat (dreams, the contents of which 80-90% is made up of talk, monologues and dialogues, usually poorly stored, are more common in 2,3,4-th periods REM-sleep with the active practice of dreamers are transformed into 3 and 4 species ).

- Vivid dreams (dreams, with rich background environment, with a complex plot and colorful sprites, most often found in 1, 5 and the second period of REM-sleep dreamer supply the basic material for creating maps).

- Transparent dreams (in the initial stages of practice are rare, well remembered, often misinterpreted as lucid dreaming, involve moments of knowing that you are asleep and you know that you are asleep).

Hackers believe that lucid dreams are not dreams at all.

I repeat, this is just one of many classifications. By and large, it is no different from the others, and I offered it to you only to show the limitations of dreams mapping (which, as you know, basically, operates 3 and 4 types of dreams).

Why such a beta version (ie, stripped-down model)? And why not create something more global? For example, a description similar to the periodic table, where the valence of feelings, images and columns to graph the concentration on certain energy centers of the body could determine the orientation paradigm and feelings? (In the fucking said!) All of these challenges within your reach. You have lived a third of life in dreams and is an expert in this area. Compose your model and classification. There are usually Chinese Yu: first you plow a field, then this field nourishes you. Popoteyte on his model, and then the model will work for you. And hackers - lazy. Therefore, they Bat Out beta. Their method - not the gate of dreams. Neutral tunnel under the wall of the unknown.

I have met many good people who are in some persistence try on the method of "searching hands in a dream." And, you know, very few of them succeeded. Two or three successful dreams a year - a typical case. Were lucky that it was possible to easily (or with difficulty, but managed). And thousands of people "fall off" from toltekovskih practices, believing themselves incapable, weak or something there neponyal. They then search for the "explanation" our failures, but at heart they have remained a longing for the amazing opportunities that Castaneda wrote.

"Hackers" offer them a new opportunity - the entrance to the world of lucid dreaming through a narrow hole artificial replacement. If Eagle satisfied replacement created recapitulation of life, why should not he swallow a surrogate of the revised again?

Well, what? Climb into the tunnel? Let's begin our quest and dispel the fog of war - a little so to speak, look around.

What needs to be a dreamer, who wishes to practice mapping? First of all, a dream diary. Keep it close to the bed. And a pencil with an eraser. Remembered dream, then his record. Draw a diagram of the area - a mountain range, lake, clearing the road. Saw themselves in some house? It is not necessary to waste time on trifles drawing rooms - just mark this house and all that surrounds it. See trough, which in his eyes turns into a mountain. So her and call - trough / mountain. The specifics are not particularly necessary. But the more effort you invest in the beginning, the faster the progress. In the diagram, arrange the inscription explaining the details of the landscape. In a month you will look at this picture, as if seeing it for the first time. And you will return label memories. Next to the diagram briefly describe the plot of sleep. For example, "Meeting with an ally. He looked at me, and I uspugalsya. Fear has claimed my attention to another bubble of perception (that is, a new story of the dream). "Numbers each described you sleep. In the description of the individual dreams Orientation is not needed. After a while you have gathered a collection of dreams will occur interesting transformation. Some dreams bubbles will merge. You had a type of institution, then his home, then a third dream, which connects all three dreams in a chain of combined space. It is best to remember the last dream, so learn to "gently" wake up. Connect intention to "remember their dreams" at every waking. Clinging to the fragile memory of some scenes, return to the full realization of a dream. A little practice and you developed its own method of memories. Most importantly, take notes on a daily basis. Could not catch sleep that night, describe another dream that you remembered. But every day! (Or at least go for it).

Let's digress a bit and talk about orientation. Suppose you have accumulated hundreds described again and you still do not know how to locate them on the map. Well, maybe a couple of dreams formed in one piece, and the rest and hang in the air. OK! You have two options - to continue to personally build maps from thousands Puzla. Or use the experience of "hackers" and thus save three or four years of life. For those who prefer the "purity of the experiment," I advise you to choose the first option. The rest will be offered guidance about which you can group described dreams.
In early studies, we hired a couple of psychologists to address the problem of orientation. They had a bunch of training involving our children and volunteers, who knew nothing about the project. For example, collected a group of ten people in Moscow and asked them to describe some monument. Like, how do you see it? On which side? How do you approach it? And here's another monument. On which side you see it? Etc. Waste of money. The final conclusion of the experts is that each person in a certain period of time studying Orientation. For this purpose he chooses two points - its position and any object to which it assigns the value "north" or "south" or "west" or "east" with respect to its location. All further orientation it builds on this subject, that is, the kind of direction for him becomes dominant. And the alleged experiments in groups somehow support this hypothesis. But we are of it was neither cold nor hot.
"Hackers" were divided into two groups. One has practiced the method of gradual merging of dreams. Another dream was arranging numbers on the map, relying on intuition (riders - they are the riders). The first method has brought a lot of interesting discoveries. Second, although it brought a lot of confusion, was in the final analysis is no worse than the first one.
And what were these discoveries?
1. First of all, the dream world (or rather, a model that describes it) was rather small space. For example, there is only one city. I have lived in many countries. In Russia, I was not only in the Far North and the Far East. But the map of dreams there is only one city - the embodiment of all the cities I have ever seen - with elements of Peter, Minsk, Kuzbass, Tashkent. Transitions and fusion of these places are surprisingly harmonious and natural. And around the city has thousands of blind bubbles (dreams) - housing estates, friends' houses, the direction in space, which I heard, but that was not.
2. The Centre is the home of the dream world of the dreamer. Edges are light "boundary limits" (I personally do not like the term, but what else to expect from hackers? Well even that not any "kirdyk on MAPE"). Boundary limits - is the edge of the dream world (usually mountain ranges, seas, rivers, dunes, desert). Beyond these limits go (fly, swim) is impossible. At the moment, noted that the southern and western limits are firm. North during practice moves into the distance. On the eastern edge of the map, there are several "white spots" (well, very restricted area!).
3. On the map of the dream world there are many places that do not exist in everyday reality. For example, the lower worlds, the zone of cataclysms, labyrinths etc .. Labyrinth I already told.
4. (Main, and I almost forgot!) We just do not sleep when suddenly realized that our cards in the basic details are similar. Some special places are on the cards for all dreamers. Here, for example, K. writes about the huge building, with links to the stadium. And I have such a formation. And because I know where it is on the map, you can tell K. its location and thereby help in making the layout. And if this information about her other nearby landmarks, it can happen very funny insight - she suddenly remembered that there was hundreds of times, and for a moment she was seized by an indescribable in words the feeling - the feeling of memories of dreams. Another discovery came with the discovery of two places - Reserve and prisons (some, such options were "police computer" - the smart, angry, destructive, camp crying-beasts; Beginners Army, etc.). In the first place you'll find a lot of things. In the second place, you have not just lost a lot of things.
So "hackers" have noticed that when properly administered practice (if persistent search for the right place and neat "escapes" from places unnecessary) dreamer begins to be involved in the stunning process. Each new recollection and description of the dream suddenly becomes draw you into a series of other memories (ten years, twenty years ago). Hundreds of places where you have been hundreds of times - all in one bright flash.
At such times a person experiences a very powerful state. Euphoria there was little, rather some craving - faster! yet! Reality, people close to you, the work, the whole world around, somehow leave you alone. You are here and not here. On kakoy- it faces. Dreams become transparent. You are aware of yourself in a dream almost every night. Achievements drunk. Words Castaneda and Don Juan takes on new meaning. You see in them what you do not understand before. And then suddenly bang! Fall, complete "obestochka" and unbearable depression want to jump off the roof. Again, it is necessary to collect the crumbs of power, continuing the practice. To new peaks and new falls ... So, breaking some obstacles a...
And then you take your card dreams, knead it, and use as directed. It is you no longer need. But by that time, as a rule, it no longer remains a "fog of war". And if you pay attention to the somewhat strange "white spots" on the outside of the tonal. But, says Lolita of "Morning mail", that's another story...


...Hi. I once saw a flyer. In fact. You know, dreamers like children - in all try to emulate Carlos and Don Juan.

In short, we agreed to meet a guy on the bridge (this thing, in our opinion, is the analog output of the "kingdom flyers", and maybe even - from the island of the tonal).

When you start mapping, we often see him in dreams. But he always remains inaccessible - that you do not need it; the stages are too big to climb; you want to climb, but it has not, and you're in another dream.

Then, with practice, the hacker gets "under the hood" flyers, Richt in repressive places, and for a while he loses hunting climb to the area of the dream world.

But hackers - people are restless, and my friend and I went to the bridge. I caught a fish in the river and thought about what to see fish in a dream - it's money. Thought transferred me in a lucid dream, I sat on a dune and began deliberately to wait another.

It appeared, at first, as a sprite (when you see a lucid dream of people, they are dim, and when you meet a person or entity with the knowledge, they are bright, as if illuminated from within, well, like as if we compare two frames - from old color film on a bad film and a remix of painted our days). There is a certain technique by which sprites can be administered in a lucid dream...

In short, we met, standing on a dune, and the Bridge of us nearby. A high dune, 15 meters, and down on the bank of the river, we suddenly saw a circle with a diameter of three meters. Inside the circle is drawn cross. Nearby there are people. One of them went to the cross, and above it, at a height of 30-40 meters, materialized black disc. At first I thought the UFO (do not laugh). Do they dream to get there? But from the disc came beam touched the man, and the sprite has become almost black and white. He got up and staggered toward somewhere to the side, and was replaced by another person.

So dressing flyers similar to voluntary donorostvo. We ourselves arrive at the designated place us, lie down in a circle on the crosshair and wait for the "boss" touches us with his beam (hand of, attention?). This scene is a clumsy description that my mind can shall be wrung out of the "seen" events. Perhaps you it will be different.

My friend and I went to the bridge. He looked openwork metal structure between the two shores of the west of the river, which I still consider the limit of its tonal. Just something what some 200 meters, but the opposite shore was illusory in glowing haze - and there like the mountains, and there is some passage.

On the sides of the bridge pylons rose (such as Alexandria in Paris). They ended with a matte white discs.

As soon as we stepped onto the bridge, a drifter came over us - a little ahead. My friend (an experienced hacker) came out of the dreams in no time. But I went ahead.

Openwork lateral side of the bridge turned into a lattice, which streamed blue and green snake of lightning. Lattice went up, twisted, woven over my head, forming a set, and then broke out flyers beam. He got into one of the pylons. The whole construction of the bridge turned into a red-hot grill. Filled the space around a powerful static voltage. Any movement caused sheaf discharges that burned the brain, eyes, dug into the body. I guess I was twitching like an epileptic. Could not breathe. Concrete floor beneath me turned into a lattice structure. Feet constantly failed. In short, the horror.

I decided to walk to the middle and see what happens. And then after all - got involved as a moron. I thought, what's the difference where to die - meter closer meters further. In the middle of me there was only obolchka - everything inside burned. But awareness does not disappear, and the concentration was so strong that I saw everything - the air, consisting of a hand outstretched fiery drops; Flyer, which fell on the last pylon of the bridge and swelled, turning into a black, huge and brilliant leech. To the edge was about fifty meters. All the appearance of closed flashes of fire and lightning. I stumbled and fell to the melting of the core rods and was surprised that with hands guys are going. To his feet was impossible. Space must be weighed me with incredible force. I only managed to take a look at the flyer and smile. Type, lying - not take. That's all. Woke up fresh as a cucumber.

The next day we are a friend of a woman standing at a bus stop, ready to depart for an important meeting. Behind the back there was a crack (oh, how he was like a bolt of lightning from the bridge). Wall-storey house is cracked, covered stop, pavement and all the people who were there. Two died on the spot, three - in the hospital. My friend escaped with a broken collarbone and a concussion. It was thrown on the roadway, and so would she, too, died. I shattered nose, splitting the board struck the side, and since I was two o'clock under the rubble, then, in general, the miracle did not die from blood loss. The newspapers wrote then that the building is under construction. Construction waste pushing overlap the third floor, and a further collapse led to the fall of the wall.

Here they are, the flyers. Play our reality, like dominoes. Want to - lay down anything they want - collapsed. They - the owners of the tonal...


... K> And where is there any guidelines? And why is there war began? In your world, too, at this point the war? - Despite the similarity maps dreams, they have each other (even very different). There are only a few clear bindings, and one of them - you described construction. Some see it as a huge train station or airport, while others - like a huge rock with a viewing platform, or (hehe) as Jacob's Ladder. That this building embodies, is not known. Perhaps one of the most fixed ("deep"?) Positions TC? Or some kind of special component of the energy band man? I do not know, but it is interesting.

Here, for example, we dig obryvchik on archaeological excavations and find pound Mosul. The devil knows he can from mammoth or giant reptiles. Difficult to say definitely. But one thing is clear, it's part of the skeleton of some huge creature. That is, there is a clue for further research. So it is with these benchmarks in dreams.

By the way, a giant building can be fun to use for traveling around the world of dreams - it can be considered or transportation hub, or something that creates momentum for the movement of the vehicle.

On airplanes, ships and pioneers who rush past us and shouted: "Salut, Malchish." I would not want to turn dreams mapping in the interpretation of dreams. Each of us also find their association with the war and the siege of the city of UFOs.

On the other hand, the right Keshunchik. All of these low-flying aircraft (alien ships flying hostile creatures) are observed in the dreams of many people. Perhaps this is also what the projection of energy events, which we interpret in a similar way...


...People often say in dreams such falsity as a sudden change in the landscape. Let's say I'm going to park avenue, suddenly smooth surface turns into a hillside. Steepness increases, I barely climb the steep wall ...
Once I sit still and think about it. And then Aw, Snap! Yes this is a copy of the problem of polygonal texturing. In three-dimensional graphics to create artificial worlds two methods - voxel and polygonal. They differ in the way of building objects. Voxel graphics used as the basic building unit voxel (Voxel - VolumePixel) - volumetric point or, rather, an ordinary color cube. Objects are built from voxels as of the cubes Lego. The weakness of the method lies in scaling. When zooming in (close) the image is transformed into a pile of squares.
In polygonal graphics foundation serves the entire polygon (Polygone) - polygon in space. To create an artificial world requires huge set of polygons. And this method also has its disadvantages.
How does the texturing (Texturemapping)? Suppose we need to build a brick wall in the virtual space. We draw in the graphic editor flat picture with bricks and "stretch the" it on a flat rectangular polygon. Like wallpaper paste the color on the white wall. But this theory, but in practice, the texture is stored in the memory card. When forming an image for each point of the screen choose the color, corresponding to a certain point in the texture memory (texel).
In computer graphics, there are several ways of texturing, but in dreams, this process often produces distortions inherent in the linear sampling - the fastest, but the most primitive method.
Thus, we can assume that the strange transformation of the landscape in dreams - this is not some special quality of dreams, and the "bug of the program" (omission programmer).
Another flaw "programmers" dreams seen in light of polygons (or "bubbles of perception"). This is a simple flat (Flat), where the landfill receives only one degree of brightness or analogue Guro (Gouraudshading), which covers the top of the polygons. In such cases, we usually have darkened center and brightly lit corners. An example of the second type are preunconscious state of consciousness.
And in bad dreams mode "smoothing" (anti-aliasing). If you are in a dream try to draw a circle on the ground, you will see what I mean (and the greater the diameter of the circle, the greater will be aware of a bug). It seems to me, don Juan knew about this particular dream and forced Carlos to draw circles around his hut, that he understood about the limited description of the world...


...Now briefly go over the your questions:
file_02 Map of Dreams:
1. Not Doing Dreams (justification card in terms imposed by Castaneda). - Explain, please.
I did it in a letter to Zest (Coda) .What is doing again? Look at the dream described Valentin (GhostCat) in his forum. He writes about the death of the old man. There exist several sprites, a story (and net scheme), dialogues, monologues and his feelings on the matter. Let's assume that it is doing sleep. Then its not-doing is fixing attention on something else. I suggested in the landscape. You can choose the background environment, etc. Thus, the shaft being in the house could "remember" the area where the house is located. What would happen then? Firstly, the expansion space (or focus). Second, such a maneuver would allow him to withdraw from participation in the plot and "stand above the stage."
Let's do so. Why chew someone else's truth? Take any of their recorded (written long ago) dreams. This is not to make a description of a new point of view. Classifies Component Description (monologue, dialogue, sprites, thoughts, etc.) and place them in the list of the left side of the sheet. On the right side to list the components of sleep that you can not describe (we assume that the usual technique of fixing did not want to take them into account). Begin to work with these elements. Create approximate techniques for working with them. Check these techniques to meet the not-doing, the way of the warrior and his intention.
We once carried out such a review and decided that cartography meets all aspects of not-doing. But the main criterion had several correspondences with the stories of Carlos Castaneda. In particular, a) Frequent references to the directions of the compass, and in dialogues with Don Juan b) When Don Juan described the tonal island - it was the cartographic description.
More fully, I will talk about this in the official file. Surrounded by books, harvested quotes and justify his views on all the canons of the Toltecs.
2. Dreams - "bubbles" of perception. - I do not really understand why bubbles.
You read my letter of landfills and computer graphics. Space is limited to a single dream. It is described by a fairly small number of elements, and in it there are "flaws" inherent three-dimensional graphics. In fact, it is a polygon, which in some cases reduced to a banal pyramid with the effect of "flat vision" (that is, at the same vertex and you're looking at the plane formed by the other three vertices.) But in the bright dreams of Dreams program is so established, that choen requires a complex structure - almost perfect sphere. That is why we have introduced the concept of "bubble of perception". However, it is faltering, when you reach the boundary of the sphere - the distortion of space, or you move to another space (bubble).
3. Orientation of individual dreams on the map (as mapping of hundreds of disparate dreams). - Then, as I understand it, a matter of time. Question: What if there are records of old dreams (10-year-old, for example, years ago), we can use them?
Of Course! Moreover, doing mapping, you will often remember "not their" dreams. This is a paradox. You're going to meet the dreams guides who will introduce you to the area again, from which people, for whatever reasons, are gone. In this context, we understand the phrase Carlos. the modality of time (the assemblage point is shifting people; in my opinion a bad [right] side). In many of your dreams at the same time act sprites from different periods of life. Many places in your life come together in one place generalized. Thus, the world of dreams as it does not change, and that is interesting, you're in it, too, remains the same - some ray of perception, illuminating certain position. Simply there are new contexts and sprites, and places, feelings, emotions - are the same. So, you can use any mapping dreams.
4. Reverse dreams of space (coup coordinate Severg-South and East-West 180 degrees). - That's what I do not understand why.
This is a tribute to the Taoist tradition of dreams. We all thought at first that opened some new techniques of self-development. Then suddenly started dating books about maps dreams - "dream school" Panova, "Shamanic practices" Shanae etc.
I was "sent" to Siberia, and a year spent at the Tunguska shaman. Cheerful guy - like Genaro. I watered fungal tinctures, shows the lower worlds and broke my fear of nature. (When I came back to Peter and guided meditation course in a small group, normal room mouse brazenly ran out of mink and sat on my folded hands. It happened at the sight of the twelve people who were sitting two meters away from me. The effect was so, I had to leave town. Since then I have sworn never to teach or to appear in public as a guru. Template Teachers terribly addictive behavior and saps the strength.)
So shamans have an accurate mapping of the Lower worlds. She at first glance seems a little strange, but it works great. And I was surprised that the Tungus draw maps on the contrary - they have at the bottom of the north and the south - at the top. I asked about this shaman, and he said that so happened since ancient times. Around the same time I was interested in the strange group of archaeologists. We expedition boss became friends, and she told me the following story. Her grandfather was arrested in Siberia - in the remote taiga settlement. For the prisoner is no big track, and he was engaged ethnography. In short, dyadka learned about the ruins of an ancient temple and finally found it. It was a temple of Hanuman. In the Siberian taiga! According to the boss of the expedition, and Omsk, Tomsk and got their name from the word "Om". A hantymansiytsev formerly called hanumansiytsami. Grandfather sent the native map, on which you can find the temple. And that my friend, trembling with awe, showed me this card. Went top line, then followed the map. And parts of the world were backward-ahead!
This aspect of the reversal in the maps are so interested in our group, we spent the next study. And it turned out that this orientation is from the Chinese. Through interest to the Chinese we went on a long-forgotten dreams Taoist technique, perekopirovat in Beijing four library of ancient manuscripts and after their transfer... realized that reinvented the wheel. Not only that, we have repeated their way! Not only is the experience of Taoist brought us a lot of insight! But they gave us a new goal - a journey through the northern limit of the tonal - the source of immortality.
Can you imagine! Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda gave people a pass on the south-west of the map, and Taoists - in the north! So now our group again split into two teams - North (Doc) and yuzerovskuyu (ie, Southwest) - mine. And then, three of our children "saw" the location of the dream world about the world of everyday reality. Imagine two pyramids joined by their vertices. Their bases - two of the world, but they are oriented relative to each other with an offset of 180 gr.
5. Merge "bubbles" and the strange non-linearity of the dream of space - It would be nice one-two concrete examples.
Example: A map I found in the area where he sojourned, extra street. In the real world there were two streets, and dreams - three. And the third ran through the gardens of the real world. I am interested in this phenomenon. I met with the owner of one of the gardens, and one day came to him with a bottle of wine. While he was drinking, I was able to walk on its territory, and there I found the remnants of the old foundation - just on the side of my dreams street. The owner of the garden said that once upon a time (maybe a couple of centuries ago) there really ran the street. The very next night, I was in a dream at the place, came into the house and met a gypsy. Why are there to meet you! She taught me a great lot of wild magic items - Raising Spirits, design destiny, etc. I especially liked the magic solitaire, which I consider a perfect example for learning intention.
This is for you is another example of that in the dream has spaces that were once in the real world. Conversely, in our world there are places that are not in dreams.
Once an entity has gone from me right through the fourth dimension that was. I was amazed: I live see the fourth dimension, with my own eyes! :)
Obviously, at this point you really "seen". Honestly, I have ceased to be surprised so sporadic visions. Today, for example, walking in the forest along the trail and saw on the trunk of a pine blue stain. First thought - someone's jacket. Then it dawned on me that really a strange beam color. Back, and there's nothing. From different perspectives watched - zero! But the memory is left. Something like a large basket, like a stupa. Sky blue, near the trunk. Yeah, okay. What is there to wonder.

file_03 hacking programs dreams
1. The common elements of all dreams cards (theme archetypes, but in their new capacity as human personifications of certain bands of consciousness). - Please, this is the most detailed. It would be even dedicate this topic separate long letter.
Let's do that. I asked one of my new friend from Magadan to write an article about archetypes dreams. She is a psychologist, has a degree, so she and cards. And there I add my examples, links and comments. If she did not write, then I'll do it myself. In principle, all of the materials at hand.
2. Comparison of Dreams cards with Don Juan's description of the tonal (remember, the island of the tonal, which need to be streamlined?) - This is possible in a nutshell. The principle of ordering.
Somehow I read Hubbard's idea that our consciousness is filled with balls of memories, and those allegedly include all the elements of some individual events. Shar memory of a single event. The book was even drawing - a funnel, fill the small pile of balls. When clergy balls are pulled out and reviewed until it reached a special ball - the nucleus that gave rise to the foundation of all Ingram. (Sorry if I digress from the terms and concepts of Scientology. I read this book about fifteen years ago in English.) The same picture can be presented in respect of dreams. We - a handful of balloons of dreams, mixed and muffled, rolled away... You take them, and the sum of the plane, focusing on the landscape of the world of dreams - of the balls drawn flat map of dreams. Balls fall into place, are put into one another, are combined, you put things in order in his kingdom. And bang, life changed. It is no more loose ends. All compact, comfortable, familiar. It's your world - a true and reliable shield against attacks nagual. Gained strength - go into the unknown. Come out of the nagual - you get to a world where you can find any thing in the support and strength to recover.
4. Description of the transport lines and a clear analogy with the movement of the assemblage point. - Please, read more. Sometimes I dreamed that I was going somewhere, most likely it was a train or trains. However, the entire dream took place in this very train / train - ie I'm not arrived. No, it happened, came, but there was not anything special. The assemblage point, in my opinion, in a dream, you can move and just. (I wish I knew how!) :)
And again the same method. Is in the house, look in the window, remember environment at home. You go in the train, a storage station that you pass. Try to catch some of the stations are absent in the dream world, and what - have appeared from nowhere. Each strangeness of the dream is to force. Each station that is not in the real world will lead you to a place of power. Transport Lines - is surprisingly similar to the movement of the assemblage point. When I was horsing around and led the group that used the train to run on time for the next student. Type - close your eyes, imagine that you're sitting in the train. Arrange window. Look out the window. Look at me. I'm in the real world, and you go into the past. I'm going to count to five, and the train would move somewhere back in your youth. Let's go! Stop "twenty-two years." Stop? No? We go further. Twenty years. Stop? No? We go further. Seventeen years. Do you want to get out. Goes to the door. Come down. This station, which you saw in that period of life. Inspect it. Roof, window offices, avenue leading to the toilet. Do you see it?
And so on. I could lead a person in any period of his life and was there with him - to some sad or terrible moment that we walked with him again and again - until with our mouths simultaneously broke a sigh of relief. Then submodalities perception changed - black and white pictures were replaced by colored, old and torn - an infinite and smooth. A common technique, but the results is sometimes enormous. Once upon a time... in a preoccupation with life respected "gurus" (hehe). I like the phrase Don Juan... He loves people so that more of them do not care (something like that).
5. The effect of artificial space (remember, I have described to you the process of sudden memories of past dreams?) - What kind of artificial space? When the fragments are joined into one? In a sense, what is obtained as a result - is "artificial space"?
I already wrote about this Zest. Let us leave this subject for the next time you start to develop blisters.
6. And what do the dreamer in a lucid dream? (your proposal, except for flights through walls, contemplation hands and terror of the dream images) .- Here! This is very important! Because I was just about what you said, I'm tired to fly, walk through walls, etc. and I did not know what to do.
At this stage, "hackers" section of interest. Someone explores passages in the nagual. One guy came in dreams to the library, which contains the greatest works of the people for the entire period of their existence! And what? It's his dream, so he piper calls the tune. The only problem was fixing texts. You surely tried to read in the dream. The letters swim, row my eyes. But he wanted to become an interpreter of dreams books. And you know, this guy has achieved great success. Amazing! Several people are busy creating their dreams bodies by the method of Don Juan. Some explore strange tonal areas. Three disappear in the teacher's home. According to them, every one of us gets in sleep initiation, traveling with emissaries to the nagual and has a chance to remember seyab on the left side of consciousness. Intentions of many, you can only choose his own. One girl paints a picture. I once took her sketch-known artists. He put the painting on the easel, we sat down to tea, and then came the buyer-Swede. The first blade, which he immediately stuck under his arm, was a sketch of my friend. We then with this artist laughed to tears. You should have seen the eyes of the Swede. Affairs in the dream a lot, but not doing - even more.

What is that 07-09.doc? And as the transition from "delusional loops" in a lucid dream? (Honestly, I almost do not remember 2 kinds of dreams - 100% chatter).
Ha ha ha. Ask relatives for three to four nights gently wake you in the middle of the night at different times (if they are so good for you). Remember on waking dream. I guarantee it will be either a monologue or dialogue - that is, 100% chatter!
07-09.doc - it will be part of the text, which I plan to describe in detail our technicians...

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Re: About a cartography

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...You ask, where in the dream can be found quiet beautiful place in which to relax and gain strength to there was no unpleasant things, aggression and so forth.

I know of only three peaceful place - Reserve paradise and "abandoned land".
Imagine in the center of the map a great thing - City below the dense layer of the associated dreams (like beads on strings coming from the city). One urban area embodies the "Industrialization". This part is slightly recessed deep into the tonal (it is often confused with the first of the Lower Worlds).
From this part come down to the north. When will pass zone disasters (tornadoes, tornado), you'll see some sort of settlement (fishing, country, poor, each in different ways). There you signed up for a friendly companion (the one you are looking for). Jung would say that you will meet with the animus.
Go even further, through a region of hermits (they teach schema, tselebatu, and it is better not waste any time on them). Ask one of them to bring you to their shrines.
Immediately after it starts small passage in the "barren lands". Impossible to describe them all... There's relatives, but for some reason abandoned - beautiful castles, sports fields, a place where he could be happy with anyone but the people there. Place the deepest peace.
If you spend here the diagonal through the center, then at the other end you get into a mountain or hilly terrain. It is almost in the corner of the card, and there is also a hidden passage. I get that. I go to the balustrade, he had seen when he was a child in one of the parks, and get on the narrow road. She entwined with vines, there is always a bright sun. It remains to climb a small mountain, and at the bottom of the trail begins in paradise.
I myself paradise small, surrounded by a ring of strange jagged mountains. There's a surprisingly nice and calm.
In reserve usually fall on the stage of total memory. In your dreams, common sea or a large lake. It seems that it is boundless. In the middle of an island, all the strands in the reeds. Through them to go for a while. Under the feet of the furnace at the sides flashed some creatures (I always thought that crocodiles), the atmosphere is rather unpleasant. But then you get there, which houses part of you, part of your luminosity of your strength. This part merges with you, bringing to mind their knowledge, memories, etc.
For the accumulation of power do not go or learn to leave the labyrinth (any) of the last three Lower worlds, from your institution, try to avoid (in the dream) meetings with close relatives and the Trickster (sprite, which seems different, but all the time substitutes).
Teacher's House - a meandering structure. Is usually on the northern half (below and slightly to the left). He sometimes before the area disasters, sometimes behind it - but close. As soon as a lucid dream, look for the wind, with the intention that he took you in the right part of the map. Try reception La Gorda (with liquid and clicking fingers).
Now what about the passage in the southwest.

file_02 Map of Dreams:
4. Reverse dreams of space (coup coordinates North-South and East-West 180 degrees). Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda gave people a pass on the south-west of the map, and Taoists - in the north! So now our group again split into two teams - North (Doc) and yuzerovskuyu (ie South-West) - mine. And then, three of our children "saw" the location of the dream world about the world of everyday reality. Imagine two pyramids joined by their vertices. Their bases - two of the world, but they are oriented relative to each other with an offset of 180 gr. Why southwest?

You're right, there is a mistake. Instead, South-West South-East needs. The cause of this error is very simple. In a lucid dreams I moved along the southern border to the west (along the river) on a raft. Near the corner of South-West I began to persecute some entity (the personification of force). When I wanted to enter into contact with it, I was joined on a large number of allies. They scared the essence (as I understood later, the guard of the territory) and dragged me into a huge and stunningly beautiful castle (specifically, a knight, with lots of armor, swords and bows). I wandered through the corridors, admiring the paintings and tapestries, opened a door... and was at the "bridge to the other side." That's why I looked for a long time that it is located in the southwest corner. But then you corrected me, I made a revision of the South-West and South-East corner, and I realized that was wrong. Just in some places there are portals card transfer to other areas of the world of dreams. Indeed, as in computer games. In fact, my assemblage point was displaced laterally (that's why I took the images). At some point, she received a new impulse and began to enter into the longitudinal displacement (as a result I was thrown in another corner of the map to the bridge). Then began the longitudinal displacement when images are seen as light or energy flows (which I experienced on the bridge)...


...> Well, today, for example. Dreamed that I was falling from the satellite to the Earth. Far below, the landscape, as seen with very high-altitude aircraft - with hundreds, maybe kilometers above the ground - hardly emerges among the clouds. The area over which we fly, do not guess. Feeling that the fly for a long time, and I'm trying to make improvised parachute-wing. With me three or four people. Suddenly we find ourselves (without transition, instantly) on the roof, or rather, ledge, intermediate roof of a very tall building. Higher than MSU on Sparrow Hills, every two or three. At the bottom of the area, I do not watch, because not before. Around a huge sense of space. The roof is made of tiles and tile swings (bad is attached). I see far right on the roof of your home phone. But the walk to it is very difficult, because tile loose. I would like to call somewhere to have removed from here. While I'm trying to get to a phone, I find myself "at home" (in fact, the interior is completely different), where talk with some girls. My friend is coming from America. etc. Well this map? And these dreams fully. One goes into the other - instantly changes the interior, environment, events... So it turns out that it is unclear how.

In your place, I would have sketched surrounded by tall buildings, assigned to this bubble number and said that he has a direct link to that on which you flew with "satellite", and your home. That is, I would get a center (the house), from which there is a thread to the "skyscraper" and then to "bubble flight from the satellite." Understand that everyone has their cards, and the degree of abstraction is also normal. Someone landscape usual, strictly fixed (ie tonal less put in order). Other move from the bubble in a bubble without any correlation (relations). But all this is nonsense. Most importantly, the process! Create molecular structure! No card, and the structure of these bubbles. But the emphasis is always on the union dreams into one. Do you have a starting point - your house. Three times you described me dreams - and all the house. So whip out his dream thread, strung them bubbles. Be original. You are in the dreams you have the same status as all the rest of us. Create your own method of reducing the tonal in order.

> You said that there is only one city. But I clearly different cities. Today, for example, was having some southern city. - Regarding your sleep southernmost city. Imagine the picture. In space there is a certain degree with difficult terrain - a kind of blot (City). From it in all directions depart rays, on the other end of which is strung beads (usually one or rarely a few in a row). These beads - your dead-end dreams. They are no longer with nothing joints. This is a dream about some particular places where you've been (villages, housing estates, etc.), or places that you once heard, and which was once imagined (unfamiliar city and the area of our and other planets ). If the intention of working with such dreams, we can go deeper into these spaces. Very impressive journey. But for the map you begin to understand that the matrix Cities - one. It combines all the cities where you've been.

> Around my house all the time different environments! I'm not sure that, down the stairs, I'll go out on the street where the house is worth in reality. I can not even be sure that the staircase itself, which leaves the door of my apartment is on the street, and not somewhere else (in the dungeon to another house, etc.). - I already wrote somewhere that his house in a dream - a rather dangerous place. Dangerous in the sense of energy extraction. It is a mystical center of our being (our consciousness). Father's House on the map of dreams is always in the zone of transmutation, and it is not surprising that you are going through what is described above. Put your house in the center of the map, trace a circle and write it - "my house and T zone" (transmutation - continuous changes in landscape). Is better to start with the boundary regions (with the edges of the map). Remember dreams with critical elements of the landscape, for which you never came. Or start with the gigantic structures, which you wrote. It's also not a very nice area, but at first it can to dream as much as necessary (something about a year). By the way, the village of poor huts or houses near the construction - is a growing maze (bastards they hatch and grow and deepen).
> About the area of "industrialization". In what sense is "down"? There has a slope? - It really is located below the level of the city. You always get down on the sloping streets (usually by car or motorcycle). Always just down and never up (that is, get out of there can only dream of going to the other).
> About moving in lucid dreams. Did you just move the series to the desired point - whether or feet on the train? - There are several ways. Best - the wind. You create the intention, and it carries you to your destination, but it felt like flying in jets of wind or in a compressed air. In principle, everyone comes up with myself something of their own - lightning, clouds, line world. I once "traveled" in the funnel of a typhoon. But the railroad (and other routing lines) are in a lucid dream, another important value. They help to remember. Not so much serve the movement as "deepening" in itself.
You see, I started mapping a very long time. And it is mainly developed at me for 4 months. Other people make it over the years. And others - will be a lifetime. I guess it depends on the involvement in the process (!!!). By focusing not on the result, and the passage of the process (!!!!!!)...


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